Sex with the CEO: A Billionaire Romance

By: Kassandra Cross

Chapter 1

Dexter Slade sat at the head of the conference table, his head in his hands. His mind was still racing over the events of the past hour. A huge explosion of spread sheets, confidential files and deal breakers laid out before him. His tie and top button undone, revealing a flash of tanned, bare flesh, glistening with sweat. He lifted his head, ran his hands down and moaned as he held onto Joy’s head. She bobbed up and down on his cock, her mouth slick, open and wet. Dexter’s pants were around his ankles and he thrust himself to the back of her throat. Grinding right into her and smudging her red lipstick all down her chin and onto her cheek. This was the only way he could possibly relax after the week he had had. Almost losing ten million pounds was not his idea of a good time, but this was, and Joy was the perfect person to take out his frustration. The easy PA, always eager to please her boss. And here she was at 7pm on a Friday night, on her knees with his dick in her mouth, praying for that bonus she had always wanted, but would never get. She was after Dexter. They all were, all of the woman at Slade Properties. Who wouldn’t want to fuck and marry the CEO of a multi-billion pound corporation? And Dexter knew it. He flaunted it. He loved watching Joy bend over backwards to try and get his attention and today she had finally done it.

With her perfect rosebud lips wrapped around his helmet she nibbled him gently and slid right down his shaft to the balls. “Mr Slade,” she moaned when she came up for air, “You’re so hard, I need you in me.”

Dexter pushed her back down and mouth fucked her three more times before standing up and dragging her with him, he threw her on top of the portfolio he had been reading before she slinked in with her shirt unbuttoned and her skirt rolled over at the waistband to make it just skim her buttocks. He held onto her by the neck and ripped at her blouse. The buttons popping off one by one as he grabbed at her, clutching her pert little breasts in her lacy black bra. She flicked her blonde hair and moaned as he went for her panties. Tearing them off with his big, strong hands. He wanted to fuck her but he didn’t want to look at her pleading, desperate eyes so he turned her around, bent her over and plunged deep inside her. A huge wave of warm ecstasy washed over him and he shuddered as he thrust again and again. Joy screamed with pleasure and thumped her arms down on the desk, reaching around and grabbing his arse, driving him further into her. She was dripping wet and Dexter could barely hold on but he wanted to make it last, he wanted to delay the moment of release. He was so tense he needed it more than ever and that made him want the anticipation. He dug his fingers into Joys little, muscly arse and slapped it once, then twice. Thrust deeply inside her and felt her sex spasm as she screamed and orgasmed so loud it echoed around the room. He couldn’t hold on any longer, with one more thrust he exploded inside her. The warm rush of release paralysed him whilst he fell forwards and heaved on top of her. Beads of sweat ran down his forehead and onto her back, she moaned and he pushed himself into her one last time and groaned before pulling out and wiping his dick on her butt cheek.

“Naughty, naughty,” he said. “I’m pretty sure that wasn’t in your job description.”

“No, but it should have been,” Joy smiled and panted up at him, she turned over and sat up on the desk. Her hair was a dishevelled mess, her lipstick completely smeared and her clothes torn. “I’ve wanted that for weeks,” she grinned, “You’re amazing.”

“You’re not so bad yourself, Miss Tate.”

She reached out and touched his chest. His perfectly tanned muscles flexing with the weight of his rapid breathing. She moved close to him and nuzzled into his shoulder. Dexter found himself flinching, he knew he really shouldn’t have done that. She was a beautiful woman, Dexter couldn’t deny it, and he had thought about this since the moment Joy had come to work for him and made it abundantly clear she wanted his dick. But now, here, in the midst of all the stress and his empire he was finding it hard to commit fully to the moment. He wanted to get the hell out of there, but guilt was washing over him.

“That really was amazing,” he told her, “You’re a special girl.” And he did mean it. He wasn’t the sort of man who had to say things to please people and he sure as hell wouldn’t put himself out for a secretary, but he knew him and Joy would end here. He kissed her on the lips, longing and slow and looked into her eyes. “That doesn’t count as overtime,” he joked. And thankfully, Joy understood, she laughed and playfully slapped him on the shoulder, pulled up her panties and her jacket before blowing him a cheeky kiss and leaving the room.

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