Ripper's Torment

By: Sam Crescent

“I take it if anything happens to her, the doctors won’t make it to nightfall.” Judi was joking, but she saw the seriousness on Devil’s face.

“You’re my daughter in the eyes of the law, Judi. I adopted you, and when I do that, you’re my family. Lexie is the woman who owns my heart and soul. If anything happens to her, I will kill anyone who could have stopped it.”

Judi swallowed past the lump in her throat. It was sweet, if not a little scary. “I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

“She better be otherwise Piston County will have three dead doctors.” Devil left her alone with his parting words.

Yes, she hoped nothing was wrong with Lexie other than the early stages of pregnancy.

Walking into the library, she signed into the computer using her details. She wasn’t at college at the moment as it was a break, but she still had assignments she had to finish. Her education was something she was proud of. After everything she’d been through, she’d passed her exams with a good grade. She had several papers she needed to write. Once she signed in, leaving her bag beside the computer, she grabbed a couple of books and started to work through her paper.

The moment she started studying all thought of what happened last night went out of her mind. Nothing and no one could hurt her here. The only thought she couldn’t get out of her mind was Ripper and his naked body so close to her face. He’d grabbed her around the neck, threatening her, but she felt sick as she wasn’t even scared of him.

Get over it, Judi. It’s never going to happen.

Resting her head in her hand she read through the many articles in the book, typing away at the computer. She could have done all this work at home, but she would have been distracted too easily. Working in the computer room, helped to put her troubled thoughts at ease.

Keep working.

I wonder what his lips would feel like.

The thought had her gasping and closing the book she was reading. The sound of the book closing drew several gazes. Getting up from her seat she placed the book back on the shelf. Thinking about Ripper’s lips was not something she could do.

Looking across at the diner, her stomach started to rumble. She needed food. With food she would stop having these stupid thoughts about Ripper. Shutting down the computer and hiking her bag on her shoulder, she headed out of the library.

Chapter Three

Ripper sat opposite Ashley and Curse. There was a group of them waiting to be served breakfast. Pussy, Death, and Spider were also sat around the closest booths with several of the clubs sweet-butts. He saw the waitresses made a wide berth of them refusing to come and take their orders.

“We’re not going to get served,” Ripper said, looking over the menu. There were several meals he wanted to try.

“Mia will be here soon. She’ll serve us,” Ashley said, looking down at the menu.

“Who is Mia?” Curse asked.

“She’s my friend.”

“Why haven’t we seen her at the club?” Pussy asked.

From the look of some of the women, they really didn’t like Ashley all that much. Ripper saw all the men liked Ashley. He wondered what she’d done for them to give her the respect usually reserved for an old lady.

“Mia’s not one for the partying or the clubs. She was at college until six months ago when her mother got sick. Her waste of a space father cut and ran with his secretary, and she’s been surviving ever since.” Ashley kept talking, and they all paid attention, apart from the women. She looked up, glancing around the diner. “Here she comes now.”

Ripper looked in the direction where she was. A woman with similar black hair was approaching their table. She wore the waitressing uniform, and it didn’t hide her curves. Fuck, this woman knew how to walk. Glancing at Curse, he saw his friend hadn’t taken his eyes off her.

“Hey, Ash, sorry I’m late.” Mia was patting her pockets and searching for the pencil to take down their orders. She looked frazzled in a charming kind of way. Ripper expected her to take one look at them and leave. The leather along with the design on their cuts scared a lot of women away.

“What’s up?” Ashley asked.

“Nothing. I had to run to the pharmacy to grab Mom’s prescription. Almost didn’t make it back for my shift.” She glanced behind her at the other women. “No one else will serve you?”

“Nah, they’re scared.”

Mia nodded. “Okay, what can I get you all?”

Ashley made her order first, and the men waited to see if Mia walked away. After a few seconds, Mia looked up. “Are you the only one eating?” Her gaze went to all the men.

They all joined in, ordering their breakfast. Ripper watched Curse, who hadn’t taken his eyes off Mia. Once she finished writing she left them to it.

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