Ripper's Torment

By: Sam Crescent

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” she said, hating how much he would know about her. Who else knew about the cameras?

“My woman, my rules. I will never let any harm come to her. Also, any boy you think of bringing here will be seen as well.”

“You’re insane.” She folded her arms over her chest wishing she could say something to him to stop him from invading Lexie’s privacy.

“Will you two stop fighting?” Lexie said, rounding the corner. Her hair was piled on top of her head, much like Judi’s. She wore a vest style shirt and a pair of sweat pants showing off her rounded stomach. Devil pretty much kept her pregnant.

“I was giving you time to sleep,” Devil said, getting up to wrap his arms around her.

“I know. It’s hard to sleep when Simon likes throwing his playing bricks against the wall.” She wiped the sleep from her eyes. Judi was concerned for her friend. She looked really poorly this morning.

“Are you all right?” Judi asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Lexie pressed a hand to her mouth then her stomach, going pale. “I swear I’m going to be sick twenty-four hours.”

Judi took over feeding Elizabeth as Devil went to deal with Simon. There were many bad things she could say about Devil, but she saw the love he had for Lexie. Many nights she would watch the couple. Devil spent most of his time watching Lexie doing something or other.

“What’s going on between you two?” Lexie asked, sitting down and nibbling on some crackers.

“Nothing. He’s being overbearing and an ass.” She finished feeding Elizabeth then stood. “I’m going to grab a shower.”

“What are you doing today?”

“I’m going to head to the library,” Judi said, needing to get out of the house. If Devil was watching their every movement then she needed to get out of the way.

“Okay, I’m going to Phoebe’s with the kids. We’re having a girly day.”

Judi kissed her friend’s cheek then headed upstairs. She closed the door to her bedroom, and then she kept her back to the door and slid to the floor. Covering her face, Judi wondered what she was going to do with the rest of her life. At one stage she was going to be a social worker but soon decided it was not something she wanted to do with her life. Then she thought about caring for others in their home. She closed her eyes, wondering what she was going to do. Devil was providing a lot of money for her education.

Being a nurse was out of the question as she hated the sight of blood.

You killed a man last night.

Cutting the thoughts off, she climbed to her feet heading toward the shower. The clothes Ripper had bought her were a perfect fit. He knew her size, and she didn’t know if she should be embarrassed with him knowing the real size.

Tugging the band from her hair, she left the waves to fall down around her face. When Rob got his claws inside her and started to hurt her every time one of the clients complained, he took to pulling her around by her hair. She hated it, and when he wasn’t forcing her to fuck, she hacked away at the length with some blunt scissors.

In the last two years her hair had grown full and long. She stared at the length remembering the man last night, gripping the strands.

“You’re a fucking whore. The only thing you’re good for is sucking cock, riding cock. Women like you need it in your mouth, cunt, and ass.”

She pulled out of her memory with a gasp. His comments had ended with him getting a bullet in his head. Splashing cold water onto her face, she turned the shower on and made sure the water was freezing.

Cold to the bone, she climbed out, grabbed a towel and entered her bedroom. She searched through her wardrobe settling on a pair of jeans and a red shirt. Toeing some flip-flops onto her feet, she grabbed her bag and headed downstairs.

Devil was kissing Lexie at the doorway, stroking her sides.

“I’m fine.”

“You’ll text me, ring me if anything is different,” Devil asked.

“Of course. Stop panicking. Phoebe will be taking good care of me. You know how protective she gets.” Lexie smiled at him.

He wrapped his arms around her shoulders then stared at her. “Are you going to town?” he asked.

She nodded, putting the bag on her shoulders. “Yes, will you give me a lift?”


Smiling toward Lexie, Judi climbed on the back of Devil’s bike, giving her friend a wave. She held onto Devil’s waist as he headed into town. He pulled up outside of the library, waiting for her to climb off. “What’s wrong with Lexie?” Judi asked, concerned.

“She’s struggling with this pregnancy. Her sickness is bad. The doctors are keeping an eye on her.”

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