Ripper's Torment

By: Sam Crescent

Dealing with his morning routine, he waited for his body to get back under control before heading out. He caught sight of his clothes and cursed. Last night he’d been so determined to get back to the hotel that he’d forgotten to grab some clothes for Judi.

Quickly putting his clothes on, he opened the door. He found Judi standing outside the door with her legs crossed. Moving out of the way he waited for her to shut the door.

“I’m going to get you some clothes,” he said.

“Okay.” Her voice was a whisper.

Ignoring the yearning in his soul, he left the room, getting on his bike and heading to the nearest store. He parked in the parking lot, entering the cheap department store and grabbing clothes from the racks. With his arms wrapped around her, Ripper had a good idea of her measurements. She’d put some meat on her bones living with Lexie. He didn’t mind. Years of fucking bags of bones had made him appreciate a woman with curves every day of the week, and Lexie had made him appreciate a woman with curves even more. He’d seen her dancing, and that was a fucking orgasm waiting to happen.

Paying for the jeans, shirt, and plain as shit underwear, he headed back to the hotel. He let himself inside, finding her on the edge of the bed with her fingers locked together. Handing the bag to her, he took a seat, picking up the remote.

“Get dressed and I’ll drop you off home.”


“We’re not talking about shit. Remember, nothing happened?”

She nodded, not saying anything, disappearing into the bathroom. He wasn’t looking at her shapely legs either. Turning back to the television he cursed his fucking weakness.

He needed to fuck a woman, and the sooner he did it the better. Watching some design program on television he waited for Judi to come out. Minutes passed, and she finally came out. Her brown hair was bound on top of her head. When he first saw her, her hair had been short. In the last couple of years she’d grown out the silky curls. He wondered what they would feel like as he ran his fingers through the strands.

Get a woman, fuck her, and stop thinking this shit.

Turning the television off, he got to his feet and headed toward the door. “Are you coming?” He picked up his jacket waiting for her to follow.

Locking the door, he took the key back to the main reception. Judi was waiting beside his bike.

He climbed on waiting for her to straddle the back of his bike. Feeling her arms surround him had his cock jerking in response. He was not fucking doing this. Gunning his machine, he headed toward the street ready to drop her off.

Breaking the speed limit, he got to her street. She climbed off, handing him back the helmet. He took it without meeting her eyes. There was no way he was going to let this shit happen to him. Judi was the club princess. She was off limits to the likes of him.

Ripper watched Judi walk up to the house she shared with Devil and Lexie. He made sure she was inside before he turned back heading toward the clubhouse.

Entering the clubhouse he saw the mess straight away. Devil was going to fucking lose it. Going to the bar, he grabbed a bottle of whiskey and then grabbed one of the first women he came across. She had black hair, pale skin, and was more than willing to fuck anything.

“Hey, Ripper. I missed you,” she said.

“What’s your name again?” he asked.

“Ashley.” She giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck. He picked her up, carrying her toward the room he kept inside the clubhouse. They all had their own space, and no one invaded others’ rooms. He kicked the door closed, dropping Ashley to the bed. Taking a long gulp from the whiskey bottle, he watched her unbutton his jeans. She took out his cock, which wasn’t even hard.

She took him into his mouth, and he moaned, sinking his fingers in her dark hair. Ashley had been hanging around the club for the past year. Most of the men, apart from Vincent and Devil, had fucked her. She loved cock and couldn’t get enough of all of them. He imagined she also loved the lifestyle of not having to work providing she gave them pussy whenever they demanded. He didn’t have a problem with taking her pussy when the need demanded.

Waking up beside Judi with a hard-on wasn’t an experience he wanted to repeat. The one woman he didn’t want to be having a hard-on for was Judi. She meant too much to the club to risk losing his life over. Ashley moaned pulling his mind away from the other woman he’d spent the night with.

Being with Judi would fuck him up. Devil would never allow him to live. She had the club protection, which meant she was untouchable. Feeling sick to his stomach, he sank his fingers into Ashley’s hair, forcing her to take more of his dick.

“Fuck, suck it good.”

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