Ripper's Torment

By: Sam Crescent

“He’s not going to be found any time soon. Do you want a lift back to the club?”

“No, I’ve got shit I got to do.” Ripper pulled his bike out of the back of the truck. “No one needs to know about this shit, promise me?”

“I promise. God, I’m not some fucking pussy.” Curse left him, heading down the street and out of sight. Straddling his bike, Ripper went to the hotel, knocking on the door and calling out. He stood waiting, looking over his shoulder to see the rising sun.


Judi dried her hair coming out of the bathroom after her third shower. Her skin was red raw from all the scrubbing she’d been doing. Every time she looked down she saw the blood over her flesh. She couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped her lips nor the panic at the sight. Each shower she scrubbed her skin trying to get the blood and wipe away the memories of what she had done.

Hearing the knock followed by Ripper’s call had her running to the door. She didn’t know why she’d called him instead of Devil, except that her adoptive father would have gotten Lexie involved, and she didn’t the other woman to see her differently.

In the last couple of years she’d grown close to Ripper. He was a sweet man even if he was scary as hell to look at. She doubted he ever smiled. Judi couldn’t remember a time when she saw him smile. He listened, talking to her, but never giving anything of himself away.

She felt safe around him. Judi also knew he’d had a bit of a thing for Lexie, which she would never bring up. Lexie was a beautiful woman, even heavily pregnant. All of the crew adored her, but then she was Devil’s wife. They didn’t really have a choice.

Ripper stepped into the room, closing and locking the door behind him. She saw the state of his clothing.

“The shower is free.”

He didn’t say anything, brushing past her to go to the bathroom. She couldn’t stop looking at his red hair. Never in her life had she found a red-haired man all that attractive, but with Ripper it worked. It didn’t stand out all that much. She couldn’t even believe she was thinking about his hair at a time like this. Ripper was not the kind of man she went for. He was one of Devil’s close friends, including hers. Closing her eyes, she settled on the edge of the bed waiting for him to appear. She wore a robe that she’d found in the hotel.

Ten minutes later, Ripper appeared with a towel wrapped around his waist. He placed the gun onto the bed beside her.

“What the fuck were you doing outside without protection?” he asked, glaring down at her.

She took in his hard muscles. There was a six pack that looked rock hard decorating his abs. Judi knew he worked out. She’d seen him working many times but not given his body much thought. Ink decorated his sides, and she saw the name “Chaos” on one side while on the other “Bleeds” decorated his body in fancy writing. Other tattoos were of snakes, tribal tattoos, and many more.

Each piece of ink was a testament to his time with the crew. The crew went everywhere together. It was only Vincent who settled down to stay with his wife in town.

“You better fucking answer me, Judi. I’m not in the fucking mood to deal with your silent treatment.”

“I wanted to go out for a walk, okay?” She looked up at him, glaring.


“I was sick and tired of listening to all of them being so fucking happy.” She stood up putting her hands on her hips. “I can never have that, and I went out for a walk. I didn’t even think. I only wanted to be away from it all. Away from college, away from being a fucking princess, away from it all.” Judi felt like such a bitch for letting her anger get the better of her. This man had taken care of her mess, and all she’d done was shout at him, which he didn’t deserve. “Sorry—”

He held his hand up in front of her face stopping her. “No, you’ve had your fucking say.” Ripper gripped her arms, turning her to press against the wall. His hand landed around her neck, and he stared into her eyes.

For the first time since knowing the man in front of her, she was afraid.

“Let’s get one thing straight, Judi. I don’t give a fuck who you are. I could kill you right now, and Devil wouldn’t be any the fucking wiser.” He tightened his fingers around her neck, showing his true threat. “People who spoke to me the way you just did end up fucking dead.” He loosened his hold but didn’t drop his hands from around her neck. “I dealt with your fucking mess, but it will never leave this room. Neither of us will ever talk about it again, do you understand?”

“Yes,” she said, nodding, frightened of him.

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