Ripper's Torment

By: Sam Crescent

Slamming the door closed he headed back to his bike and the scene of the crime. Before leaving he turned the inner light off, shutting off the ignition. No one had passed when he returned. Thinking about the bullet, Ripper knew he couldn’t let the guy he was about to call see the gunshot wound. Grabbing the door, he slammed the car door onto the fucker’s face. Each movement stopped the man from looking like anything. The gun was still pressed to his back, reminding him what a fucking asshole he’d been to give it to her. Once he finished he looked at the mess in front of him, and then he called Curse. The other biker would help without too many questions. There would be questions but the other man wouldn’t demand an answer.

Pulling out his cell phone, he dialed Curse’s number.

“This better be fucking good,” Curse said, answering on the third ring.

“I need you, brother.”

“I’ve got a tight pussy on my cock and another waiting for my attention. Can’t it wait?”

“It’s a cleanup. No one else is as good as you.”

He heard the cursing over the line.

“You fucking owe me.”

The line went dead. Ripper smiled imagining the women mourning Curse’s loss. Before Lexie tamed Devil, their leader had been the man with all the pussy. Now, it was up to Curse to keep them all satisfied. Ripper smiled thinking about Lexie. She was a sweet woman and a fucking hot bitch. He’d heard her screams as Devil fucked her hard. Devil never took her in front of them like he used to other women. Their leader was possessive of his wife, and Ripper understood why. She was a keeper.

Staring at the mess, he waited for Curse to arrive. He blanked all thought of Lexie out of his mind. She didn’t deserve to be part of this mess. Neither did Judi. The young girl—woman—had been through more than her fair share of pain. Fuck, he, along with all of his other brothers, had promised along with all of his other brothers to protect her. The sound of the truck approaching alerted Ripper to someone else’s presence.

He spotted Curse coming out looking ready to cause trouble. “I had a fucking tight cunt wrapped around my dick. What couldn’t wait ‘til the morning?”

Ripper pointed at the car. “We need to get this shit cleared away.”

“What the fuck happened here?” Curse asked, folding his arms.

Staying silent, Ripper glared at the other man.

“You pulled me away from pussy and you’re not even going to give me a good reason as to why?”

They were both immovable.

The battle kept on going for several minutes. Neither of them was moving, and Ripper thought about Judi. Shit, he couldn’t leave her alone for too long.

“I owe you. When you need me and can’t go to another brother, I’ll do whatever you need. Please, for fuck’s sake, help me.”

“This has gotten a woman written all over it. You’re not fucking up the code of dicking a minor, are you?”

“Fuck no.” Ripper moved to the truck, sliding open the side door to see the cleaning equipment. “We need to dispose of the body. Don’t give a fuck who he is, but he can’t be found with the car.”

“You want to pretend he left the car to burn?” Curse asked.

“Yeah. Whatever keeps the two separate.”

“This woman must be really fucking special.”

Ripper didn’t know why he didn’t speak the truth to Curse, seeing as the other man would keep it to himself, but then he thought about Judi. She’d called him, no one else. She clearly didn’t want any of the others to know what had gone down, but he hated keeping the secrets. This was not for him to tell but for Judi when she was ready.

“This is not how I envisioned the night after the barbeque. Did you see some of The Skulls? They looked so fucking happy.” Curse kept talking as they worked, moving the body onto a bag to wrap up.

“I saw.”

“Are you still hung up on Lexie?” Curse asked.

“No.” He wasn’t hung up on her. She was a woman he wanted to wet his dick in, nothing more. Lexie was his president’s woman and out of bounds to him.

“Don’t worry. Tiny and his crew headed home. It was fun seeing them. They were shit scared we were going to cause a fuss.” Curse laughed.

Ripper recalled the time they visited Fort Wills and the deal Devil had to make for them all to be good.

For the next couple of hours, they cleaned all the mess then set fire to the car to leave it.

“Cops here always leave these kinds of investigations alone. Burned out car, no sign of anyone coming and going,” Curse said. “There will be nothing leading this shit back to us. They won’t find a body and won’t go looking either.”

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