Mr. Dark 5

By: Lauren Landish

In my mind I could see the swell of his biceps as he pulled, and the clear definition of his stomach muscles as his cock pumped and filled me up. The moment passed, and both of us collapsed to the side, Mark keeping himself buried inside me while we spooned, and we let the warm afterglow wash over us.

"God you're amazing," I breathed as I felt him wrap me in his arms and kiss the back of my neck.

Chapter 2


Sophie found me the next morning typing away at my computer. She came padding in from the living room with her beautiful purple hair tousled and stringy. With one of my large white t-shirts being stretched out quite seductively by her breasts, I doubt there was a more beautiful sight a man could see in the morning.

"Wow, if you wanted to tempt me, I could think of worse looks," I said, standing up and pulling her into a good morning kiss.

"You're sweet, and I have horrible morning breath," Sophie said after we stepped apart. It was true, she did have morning breath, but still, kissing her was nice. "So what are you looking at?"

"The end game," I said, showing her the monitor I was plugged into. "It's a plan I've been working on for quite a while now. The final piece of the puzzle was using the information we stole from the Confederation computers."

Sophie nodded, studying the plan I had mapped out. I was worried she would object to the amount of bloodshed that could be required, and I prepared myself for the flood of concerns about the danger and violence. As Sophie's studying grew longer, punctuated with a few hums and other small sounds, I grew more and more nervous. Finally, she turned away from the plan and looked me in the eyes. "It's okay, but you left a lot of stuff out."

That was not the answer I'd been expecting, to say the least. It took me a moment not to just smile defensively, and clear my mind to what she had to say. "What did I leave out?" I asked, when I could let my curiosity be stronger than my ego or surprise.

"The biggest thing you left out is me," she replied, tapping the screen. “You’re planning on taking out four of the Confederation heads and you have yourself taking the shot each and every time."

"Yeah, I didn't want to place you in danger, and I figured that it would be best if I did...." I said, before Sophie cut me off.

"When I agreed to come back to the city, I told you I wanted to be fully involved, not sit and watch while you do everything,” she said, shaking her head. "I've worn the stupid suits, I've dealt with the danger, I shot a Spetznatz commando, all because I'm not your sidekick. I'm your partner, remember? Now, if I'm reading this plan right, you think that by taking out these four Confederation family heads, you can trigger a self consuming battle between the various Confederation members and Owen Lynch. But, you want to try and take each of these people out on separate days."

"Of course. Prepping a hit on people as protected as these people are takes either planning and patience, an overwhelming attack force, a shitload of luck, or a bit of all three. We don't have an overwhelming attack force."

Sophie chuckled. "You working by yourself isn't overwhelming at all. But the two of us working together, we can double our forces, and at the same time I was looking here at the first two hits."

"What about them?" I said, grudgingly admitting that Sophie had a point. Still, I wanted to start this damn war to clean up the city to protect her, not to put her into firefights with criminals.

"If you and I strike the first two targets on your list at the same time, we can increase the panic within the Confederation. Also, they'll start to doubt that it was Owen Lynch, because we can hit them where Lynch won't or can't. This first target, Han Faoxin, is the head of the local Chinese, right?"


"But you note here that Owen Lynch doesn't know who he is. Of all the hits, his is actually the hardest because very few people know who he is. So if we take him and the second target, Illyusas Petrokias out at the same time, it turns the Confederation immediately against each other, and makes them unwilling to trust each other. Then their deaths can't be seen as either accidents or random chance."

I started laughing, causing Sophie to frown. "What? Did I say something wrong?"

"No, your logic is totally sound," I said after calming down. "It's just that you made the same mistake that a lot of people do with Han Faoxin."

"What?" Sophie said, getting a little peeved. I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, and grabbed a chair. Sophie was right, I needed to bring her into the plan, and to let her know everything I knew.

"Han Faoxin is a woman," I said. I grabbed the wireless trackball for the computer and went into the file explorer. I quickly navigated to the profiles I had compiled over the years for the various criminals I had worked with, targeted, or were somehow related to either the Confederation or Owen Lynch. Pulling up Han Faoxin's file folder, I opened her personal profile.

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