Mr. Dark 5

By: Lauren Landish

Pulling back, I slid down until I could feel Mark's cock pressing against the wet juncture between my thighs. Looking him in the eyes, I kissed him again, resisting the urge to lift my hips up so I could impale myself on him. Instead we rubbed slowly, grinding against each other, my juices coating his hard shaft while my clit ground into the firm muscles of his lower stomach.

"I love you so much," I groaned as my hips circled, while his hands massaged my hips.

"I'll be with you forever," Mark said. He lowered his lips to the curve of my neck, sucking and licking the secret spot that only he knew about. "I swear."

"I swear," I echoed, lifting my hips up until I could feel his cock pressing against my entrance. Lowering myself slowly, not because I needed to but because I wanted to prolong the wonderful sensation of being filled by the greatest man in the world, my body trembled in lustful want as I felt his cock slowly, inch by beautiful inch, spread me open and fill me up. Finally, I pushed back off of Mark's chest to let that last inch push deep into me, my body's nerves singing heavenly choruses as it did.

"I can never get tired of this," I sighed as my hips started to move back and forth. I put my hands on Mark's chest, teasing his own nipples with my thumbs while I slowly rode him.

"Me either," Mark said, running his hands over my arms. "And I’ve thought about it."

"What?" I said, my hips slipping back and forth in their own unconscious harmonious wave. Mark's own hips started to rise up and down as well, meeting my hips in soft little explosions.

"What you asked for in the bath. I agree," he said, his eyes full of intense emotion. "I want to have a baby with you too."

His words added fuel to my fire, and I moved my hips faster, my clit dragging deliciously against him with every thrust of our hips. I could feel the rising bubble of passion within me, and I let myself enjoy it, going faster and faster. Mark let go of my arms to cup my breasts, teasing my nipples with his fingers while I rode him, throwing back my head and groaning thickly. I was close, so close, and I knew what I needed.

"Fuck me, Mark. Please fuck me," I groaned into the air. I needed him, and sobbed for a moment as Mark lifted me off of him. "What?"

Mark kissed my lips quickly as he guided me onto my knees, and he slid behind me. "One shot knockout for both of us, baby."

I grinned and nodded at Mark's term, one we had picked up from some strange combination of our mutual martial arts training and something I had read for fun soon afterwards. Bending over, I let my breasts press into the the damp sheets and held on. I closed my eyes, letting my skin tell me everything I needed to know.

Mark's hands stroked my ass and back for a moment, and I knew what he was doing, looking at me bent over open and ready for him. The first stroke of Mark's cock up and down my labia sent electric shivers up my spine, and I could feel the muscles on the inside of my thighs jump in anticipation. "Ready?"

"Oh yeah," I barely breathed, "I'm so ready."

Mark took my waist in his hands, sliding inside me with one beautiful, breath driving thrust of his hips. He didn't hold back, his cock driving in and out of me quickly, barely giving me the chance to breathe before another soul-searing cascade of pleasure tore through my body. I buried my face in the sheets and screamed my joy as I clenched and pushed back into him. For all of the bitching I sometimes do about working out with Mark, being in good shape has a wonderful effect on sex. Being able to keep going, even as the breath burned in my lungs from the gasps and the sweat dripped off of me added to the pleasure.

Still, even with all of that, neither of us could hold back much longer. Mark's thrusts came faster and deeper, my ass warming as our hips slapped together harder and harder. My ears could hear the dual gasps and grunts coming from his and my lips as we sought our climax, and I squeezed as tight as I could with my inner muscles.

The feeling of Mark's cock swelling inside me is perhaps the greatest joy I have in making love with him outside of an actual orgasm. It's the sensation that not only takes my already full pussy and stretches it that much more, but it also tells me that he only has a few seconds, ten or fifteen at most before he comes. It's so wonderful because it’s so fleeting, and when I felt it then, I was overjoyed. I was holding back my own orgasm by only sheer force of will, and feeling him swell shattered even the illusion of control I had. My world paused, teetering on the razor's edge of insanity for a mere heartbeat before my orgasm exploded, and my wails of passion became a single long, undulating scream of joy and pleasure. I could feel Mark's hands clamp almost painfully on my waist as he also came, filling me with his warm seed, and we both froze, his arms tight on me.

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