Mr. Dark 4

By: Lauren Landish

"Not as much as I am feeling you in this bath next to me. The data analysis can wait at least a few hours," I said. "That is, unless you happen to like analyzing data instead of spending time with me?"

Mark finished stripping off his clothes at what looked like warp speed, which was a shame. I enjoy watching him pull the fabric over his firm muscles, revealing himself to me. Even the scars on his body were sexy to me, and I shivered in anticipation as he stepped over the side of the tub and into the water, upon which I found the other drawback to the mineral salts I had used for the bath. While they provided a great scent and let me tease him by only giving Mark hints of my body underneath the water, now I couldn't see him the same way. I growled lightly in frustration and slid closer to him.

"I know that you're good, but that doesn't mean I don't worry," I said as our thighs brushed together. "All I can imagine is not being able to feel you again."

"You can feel me all you want," Mark whispered to me, pulling me into his lap. Our kiss was hot and slippery, like the water we were in. I could feel our bodies pressed together, his skin electric over mine, and I could feel his cock already starting to swell in between us. I rubbed against his chest, letting my nipples rake over his skin, both of our hearts hammering in our chests.

"Tonight....." I said, breaking the kiss. I sat back in his lap, looking him deep into his eyes.

"I was safe," Mark whispered, stroking my back. "I promise."

I shook my head. "That wasn't what I was going to say."

Mark cocked an eyebrow at me, encouraging me to continue. "Tonight," I said, taking a deep breath, "I want you back there."

Mark's other eyebrow joined his cocked one in surprise. While we'd discussed anal sex before, and in fact he'd used his fingers on me once or twice while he licked me, he'd never slid his cock back there before. In fact, nobody had.

But after the risks of our job, I needed this. It was one of the first dangerous missions he had undertaken since we'd been together without me, and it had scared me more than I was letting him know. "Are you ready?" Mark asked softly, kissing my neck. "Did you prepare?"

"A little," I said, “but not a lot."

"Then we'll take our time, and help you be ready," Mark replied, kissing down my neck to my collarbones. I groaned as his hands roamed up and down my back, stroking and massaging the muscles while his mouth feasted on my skin. His right hand disappeared under the water, cupping my butt cheek and massaging it.

"Yesss...." I sighed, lifting my breasts out of the water to his lips. Mark obliged me, kissing them quickly before raising his head up to kiss my lips again. While our tongues danced and twisted around each other, I felt his fingers slide into the cleft in between my cheeks, and I pushed back, opening myself for him. Mark's finger found my tight hole and rubbed slowly, in tight little circles.

"You told me you are virgin back there, yes?"

“I am.”

Mark's solemn nod while he lowered his lips to my left breast again, reassured me while at the same time his lips and tongue sent tingles up and down my spine. I could feel the warm pleasure building in my chest, and barely noticed when he slipped his finger inside me. He pumped slowly, letting my body adjust to his graceful digit. On my end, it was absolute heaven. Mark's lips were sucking and pleasuring my breasts while his legs supported me, and at the same time let my pussy rub against the strong muscles of his thigh. Then, behind, I was wonderfully impaled, filled and taken by the man I loved.

I don't remember how long Mark kept up his digital stretching, but the next thing I was aware of was the tight coil of tension building in my stomach, one of the precursors of an orgasm that I knew meant I was going to lose it soon. Mark heard the change in my gasps and moans, and shifted his legs slightly, letting my clit rub directly against his thigh. I came quickly after that, moaning and calling his name softly while he supported me with his free hand.

When my climax had passed, he kissed my lips again. "Do you want me to stop?" he asked me, concern in his voice. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to."

"I know that," I told him, stroking his face and looking him in the eye. "It's why I know you're the only person I trust with this."

I reached down under the water and wrapped my hand around his cock, which was still rock hard and thick. There was no way I was ready at that point. "What do we need to do?"

"Bend over the edge of the tub," Mark said, slipping out of the water and going to the medicine cabinet. Inside we had a few of the various toys we'd collected, but he came back with a large tube of lubricant. "This might feel cold after the bath water, I'm sorry about that."

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