How Not to Be Seduced by Billionaires

By: Marian Tee

“Say you want to fuck me, Yanna.”

Even though my head was in a mess and my body no longer belonged to me, I couldn’t quite make myself say the words. They were just too foreign – too strange for someone who grew up thinking in terms of “making love” instead of just plain “fucking”.

His eyes darkened, and I realized he saw my resistance as a challenge.

“Constantijin, no---”

“I won’t let you go until you say the words,” he muttered at the same time.

He deftly lifted my blouse up, pushing my bra up with it, and then he was gazing at my bared breasts. Flushing, I hastily tried to cover them even though I could feel myself getting wetter at the heat of his gaze.

“No!” Constantijin had lifted my arms back over my head again. He used his other hand to cup my buttocks and I gasped as his fingers squeezed around the curves, just before he pulled me close.

He bent his head down and took one nipple into his mouth.

He started to suck.


He sucked harder.


He pulled away and looked up at me, a feral and possessive look in his eyes as he demanded, “Say it. Say you want to fuck me, Yanna.”

I shook my head.

He took my other nipple into his mouth, sucking even more roughly. I nearly sobbed at the sensual torture, and I couldn’t help arching myself toward him even more, silently begging him to suck harder and longer.

Constantijin did, and when he bit my nipple, I let out a sob.

He pulled away again. “Say you want to fuck me, Yanna. Say it!”

I cried, “I want to fuck you.”

He released my arms so he could pinch both my nipples, rasping out, “Say you want to fuck me - Constantijin.”

I found myself grasping his hair and his nape, shamelessly pushing his head towards my breasts back. “I want you to fuck me, Constantijin.”

He pinched my nipples harder. “Beg me for it.”

“Please fuck---”

Someone knocked at the door briefly before it was pushed open, a tiny gray-haired woman stepping into the room. “Constantijin, we have an emer---” Her sharp voice abruptly died down when she saw us, Constantijin still pinching my nipples, my breasts bared to her sight.

Tears stung my eyes at the shame and horror of being caught like this, and I tore myself away from Constantijin, scrambling off the table while covering my breasts with my arms. As I hurriedly pulled my bra and blouse back down, I heard the older woman murmur a brisk apology before closing the door. I started crying at that. She sounded so…so used to this. Did he do this to every girl he fancied?

Nearly tottering in my heels as I spun around, I ignored Constantijin calling my name as I rushed out of the room, blinded by my tears.

I half-expected him to run after me, but he didn’t. Well, that was telling, right? The tears fell from my eyes more furiously at the thought.

Alyx jumped to her feet when she saw me. “What the hell---are you all right? What happened?”

I almost gave my virginity to Netherland’s #1 playboy, that’s what. And now I was paying the price for it.

Nodding jerkily, I stammered, “Nothing.”

But it was everything, and I woke up every morning, crying because I dreamt of him, of it, and I hated myself for being such a slut.

Then I received a call.

“Hello, Ms. Everleigh. This is Megan from Kastein Inc. I am pleased to let you know that you have been selected as part of the new marketing department. If you are still interested in the job, we would love to have you here tomorrow at nine in the morning. Your supervisor, Ms. Charli, will be waiting to give you a quick orientation.”

Lesson #2

Don’t make excuses.

If you decide to work for any of the companies that your billionaire owns –

You might as well say, “Seduce me, undress me, I’m yours.”

Alyx and I went shopping for clothes for mourning – I mean, corporate outfits. If my job interview was anything to go by, my rainbow assortment of dresses and three-pieces would have no place in Kastein Inc.

“Are you sure the last skirt you bought won’t violate your workplace’s dress code?” Alyx asked laughingly after over two hours of boutique-hopping.

I sniffed. “I already gave up on my colorful outfits. They can’t take away my minis, too.” Hampered by paper bags, I turned to my side, intending to push the glass door of Luigi’s open with my hips. Just as I swung my hips in full force, someone from the other side opened the door at the same time.

“Oh!” My heart jumped in fear as I felt myself crashing down, but a pair of hands immediately held me by the waist. I glanced up, an embarrassed smile on my lips.

My savior grinned down at me; his eyes twinkling as he carefully set me back to my feet. “Anytime,” he responded to my silent apology. He was casually dressed in shirt and jeans and looked extremely delicious. Or at least that was what Daria would have said, since she liked the tall, dark, and handsome type.

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