The Billionaire's Curvy Conquest

By: Lydia Layne

“I do want you, Mr. Reed,” I moaned, arching my back “I’ve never wanted anyone more than you.”

He leaned forward, his cheeks roughing up my tender inner thighs, just like I had imagined, time and time again.

But when he finally buried his face between my legs, the feeling was more exquisite than my wildest fantasy. I cried out at the first light contact of his tongue on my sensitive folds.

“Tell me how much you love this, Cassie,” he demanded, using his tongue to circle my swollen pussy lips and glide expertly over my clit.

“I love having your mouth on me,” I responded without shame, “and how your tongue sets me on fire. I’m burning for you, Mr. Reed.”

“Yes,” he murmured, “that’s it.”

I was writhing under his tongue now, whimpering his name. “Don’t stop,” I begged. “Please. I’m so very close.”

In response, his fingers found my wet hole, slipping inside to stroke my slick channel as his mouth lapped mercilessly at my pussy.

No man had ever touched me so intimately...or so completely.

I ground against him as the fire inside me burned brighter, the flames flickering higher and higher until I finally exploded, shuddering against his fingers and mouth with a pulsing orgasm unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I sat up, reaching for Mr. Reed blindly and bringing my lips to his, not even caring that my own juice covered his face and mixed with our saliva.

He pulled me forward until I was straddling him on the chair.

Pressing my big breasts against his chest and grinding against his still-clothed erection, I licked my juices from his lips, which made him groan.

“I need to be inside of you, Cassie,” he whispered against my mouth.

“I need that, too,” I said softly, my blind fingers fumbling to unbutton his shirt while he dealt with his pants.

Using my hands to explore his naked chest, I reveled in the feeling of muscle and man-fur. As I passed over his nipples, I smiled when they responded to my touch.

With his stiff cock finally free, I heard the sound of tearing and guessed that Mr. Reed was putting on a condom. Seconds later, he guided his fat tip toward my wet opening.

I felt the round, bulging head of his cock stretch me wide as I slowly slid over the impressive length, burying his entire shaft in my hot hole. Mr. Reed’s breath quickened as I moved up and down, slowly stroking his hard cock.

“Your breasts are spectacular, Cassie,” he groaned, using his hands to push them together so he could shift his mouth back and forth between them, giving equal time to both nipples.

“They are, aren’t they?” I laughed softly, the compliment boosting my confidence and increasing my pace.

Mr. Reed moved his hands to my waist, using them to guide my up and down pace on his shaft. As I rode his cock, his fingers tightened on my skin, his nails digging into my fleshy curves. Beneath me, his hard thighs pressed up, meeting my body with his own thrusts.

“I need to be deeper, Cassie,” he moaned.

Without removing his throbbing cock from my pussy, Mr. Reed somehow managed to push me back onto his desk, kicking his chair out of the way.

Perched on the edge of the desk, I leaned back, steadying myself with my arms and wrapping my legs around his waist.

He held onto my hips, using the leverage of his standing position to drive himself deep into my center, over and over again.

The man had amazing stamina!

The upward angle of his relentless thrusts stroked the hidden pleasure center on the front wall of my channel and heat pooled in my belly.

“Oh, Mr. Reed!” I screamed. “I’m coming again! Oh! Ohhh!”

I had never had multiple orgasms before - and had never found release during vaginal penetration. The feeling was unlike any other, a crescendo of pleasure that sent me soaring to new and greater heights.

“That’s it, Cassie, cume on my cock,” Mr. Reed urged as I quivered and quaked and my pussy clenched and released his throbbing rod.

My orgasm seemed to excite him further. “You’re so soft and so wet,” he groaned, driving into me harder and faster.

His breathing was even more labored now and his grip on my hips was almost painfully tight. I could tell by the tensing of his entire body that he was close to his own release.

Reaching up, I slipped off the blindfold and watched, mesmerized.

Mr. Reed’s eyes were closed, his face drenched in sweat and etched with passion. His chest was every bit as beautiful as my hands had discovered and I let my eyes follow the dark trail that led down his belly and below, disappearing each time he thrust his cock inside of me.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” He opened his eyes when he came, and we both watched as he continued thrusting until his cumming cock was spent.

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