The Billionaire's Curvy Conquest

By: Lydia Layne

“Oh!” When the paddle connected with my backside, I squealed in surprise, the mild sting of leather against flesh generating a shocking sensation of warmth that traveled throughout my body.

The second blow was harder, and my face burned in embarrassment when my ample butt cheeks jiggled in response.

The force of the contact drove my gut uncomfortably hard against the desk. To better brace myself, I moved my legs apart.

I knew that would reveal my naked pussy where the crotchless lace panties parted in the center, but I tried not to think about that.

“Have you learned your lesson yet, Miss James?” Mr. Reed’s voice was low and husky.

Sensing that a yes would end our encounter, I replied with, “No, sir.”

The paddle connected with my backside again and then again, turning the warmth into all-out heat.

Moisture escaped from my sex, gliding past the edge of the crotchless panties and sliding down the fleshy curve of my inner thigh.

At some point, my fear had transformed into arousal and I no longer cared whether my ass jiggled or not. I had never been this hot before...had never wanted someone like this.

Using my elbows for leverage on the desk, I spread my legs further apart, pushing myself up onto the tips of my toes to give Mr. Reed better access to my round derriere - and a bird’s eye view of my wet, naked pussy.

“You are a very naughty girl,” Mr. Reed said, his low voice tinged with approval as he continued to bring the paddle firmly against my backside.

“Yes, sir,” I replied, a breathy cry escaping from my lips when the paddle landed once again.

“Promise me you’ll never be late again.”


“I’ll try, sir,” I panted.


“That is an unacceptable answer, Miss James.”

Slap. Slap. Slap.

“Yes, yes! I promise!” I was whimpering now, the painful pleasure making me ache for something more than leather against my backside.

I heard the paddle hit the floor and felt Mr. Reed close behind me, the fabric of his perfectly-creased slacks brushing across the backs of my legs.

“I believe that’s enough punishment for today,” he said, his breathing ragged as he rubbed my red hot flesh with his strong hands, soothing the sting from his paddling.

I collapsed against the desk and Mr. Reed spread my ass cheeks wide. His hand slipped between them and his fingers brushed across my slick folds.

The blindfold heightened my non-visual senses.

The musky smell of arousal that hung in the air and the sounds of our labored breathing increased the pleasure I felt from Mr. Reed’s intimate touch. I moaned and pressed myself against him.

Although I certainly wasn’t a virgin, my previous sexual experiences had been on the vanilla side, mostly consisting of the missionary position with the lights off.

Sexually, I had never let down my guard like this, with such abandon. But realizing that Mr. Reed wanted me as much as I wanted him was shattering my long-held inhibitions.

For the first time in a very long while, I was not self-conscious about my size.

Mr. Reed withdrew his hand from between my legs and I whimpered in disappointment.

“Turn around, Miss James,” he instructed.

When I did, he took my face in his hands and crushed my lips with his.

The passionate and unexpected kiss made my legs buckle and I perched on the edge of the desk, clutching Mr. Reed’s arms to keep myself from falling.

Leaving my lips, he forged a wet trail down my neck to the swell of my corseted breasts.

He teased the brown centers at the top of the lace before pulling the fabric down and exposing my creamy flesh to his mouth.

He closed around my nipples, one after the other, gently nipping and tugging the stiff peaks with his teeth. I trembled and moaned at the expertise of his mouth and tongue.

His touch was intoxicating and I couldn’t get enough. Threading my fingers through his dark hair, I drew him closer.

Part of me wanted to remove the blindfold and watch as he suckled my womanly flesh. Another part reveled in the anonymity of being unable to see.

Unencumbered by sight, I was free to simply feel.

Mr. Reed’s hands closed around my cinched waist and pushed me back onto the desk.

“Lay back, Cassie,” he urged gently, helping me recline.

The low squeal of his executive chair wheels told me he was sitting now, scooting toward me.

Straddling my legs, he lifted them onto the chair’s armrests. In an instant of panic, I remembered the crotchless panties.

That’s when I realized he had dropped formality and had addressed me by my first name.

Instead of closing my legs to hide my sex from him, I spread them wide for his perusal, completely exposing my slick, silky center to his gaze.

“I can see that you want me, Cassie,” he said quietly, stroking my fleshy limbs. “Tell me how much.”

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