The Billionaire's Curvy Conquest

By: Lydia Layne

The steady rhythm of his cock driving into my pussy coupled with direct stimulation of my clit created the perfect storm of pleasure between my legs.

I whimpered beneath him, my own hips bucking up to meet his thrusts, my fists clenched around the bedding.

“OH. MY. GOD!”

I shuddered intensely as an explosive orgasm surged through my body. My pussy pulsed around his thick rod, squeezing and releasing as he continued to fuck me.

My body’s slick lubrication increased with my long, intense climax, which made it easier for him to thrust inside me, deeper and faster.

With my needs taken care of, Mr. Reed gripped my hips and rode me hard, his handsome face tensed and sweaty, his balls slapping against my ass with the force of his thrusts.

I wrapped my legs high around his waist and met his thrusts with my own, our bodies coming together again and again until we were both breathing in short, shallow gasps.

He moaned long and low just before he came, filling my channel with bursts of hot seed. His eyes closed as he continued to fuck me, his thrusts eventually slowing when his cock was finally spent.

Almost reluctantly, he pulled out and eased himself next to me, holding me close. I rested my hand on his chest, over his heart, which thumped wildly from our passionate lovemaking.

We stayed that way for a while, my hand over his beating heart, his arm wrapped around my shoulders, his fingers caressing my arm. The silence was soothing and comfortable, which made me feel closer to my new husband.

There was no doubt in my mind; we belonged together.

“Now that we’re married, perhaps you should start addressing me as David rather than Mr. Reed,” he eventually said. “At least when your mother is around. She doesn’t seem to understand our special kind of formality.”

“Did she give you the ‘why so formal’ lecture, too?” I asked with a giggle.

“Yes. Yes she did,” he replied.

I laughed out loud. “Can I still call you Mr. Reed when you’re being all dominating and forceful, and tying me up?”

“I can live with that, Mrs. Reed.” He lifted his head and kissed my cheek. “If you give me a bit of time to recover, I’m happy to be dominating and forceful with you again.”

“Ohhh, I’d like that.” My fingers drifted down his belly and toward his groin. I stroked his cock, which was beginning to come back to life.

“Cassie, do you remember telling me that many men father children in their forties?”

“Yes. You told me that you wouldn’t want to bring any kids into this world.”

“Not without two loving parents who had a strong marriage,” he added.

“Oh yeah, that’s right.”

Where was he going with this?

“We’re in love,” he said. “And I’m confident that we’ll have a strong marriage, don’t you agree?”

I propped myself up on my elbow and looked at him with one eyebrow raised. “What are you trying to say?”

He took my free hand and entwined his fingers with mine. “I’m saying that I want a family. With you.”

Mr. Reed wanted me to have his baby? I couldn’t believe it!

“Well, what do you think, Mrs. Reed?” he prompted.

I laughed the joyful laugh of a newlywed woman in love. “I think there’s no better time to try making a baby than now!”

He pulled my soft body on top of his hard, steely frame. Our kisses started out sweet and deepened as our bodies stirred with desire once more.

After the nearly frantic consummation of our marriage, we made love again, our pace slower. We took our time exploring each other’s bodies in ways that we hadn’t done before.

Just for tonight, there would be no blindfolds, no silk ties, no domination and submission. Just a husband and wife demonstrating their love in the most intimate ways possible.

I didn’t know what the future held, but one thing was certain. Despite our secrets, lies and confessions, David Reed and I had finally found our happily ever after.

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