The Billionaire's Curvy Conquest

By: Lydia Layne

“You’re very late!”

“Less than half an hour.” In my world, that was pretty much on time.

“I told you that Mr. Reed does not like to be kept waiting,” Alice warned, the pleasant tone in her voice nearly gone.

“But I got everything on Mr. Reed’s list and followed his directions exactly,” I lamely defended myself.

“Hopefully that will be enough to appease him,” Alice said before hanging up.

As I rode Mr. Reed’s silent, private elevator, I started to get nervous. Had I blown my future at Reed Technologies by being late for my first special project?

My anxiety increased as the floors ticked by. By the time the elevator stopped at the penthouse, I was shaking.

Alice looked at me without saying a word, her stern gaze taking in my change of dress. My white blouse and black pants had been replaced by a long, black coat, buttoned neck-to-calf.

If she was curious about what I had on underneath, she didn’t let on.

She motioned for me to follow her down the hallway. In my hands were three shopping bags. Two were for Mr. Reed and held the specialty items from his list. The third held my clothes.

Stopping at a set of closed double doors, Alice knocked twice, paused briefly and then opened the door.

“Miss James has returned,” she said, presumably to Mr. Reed, although I couldn’t see him from my position behind her.

“Send her in and close the door,” a deep male voice barked.

Alice opened the door wider, indicating that I should enter Mr. Reed’s office. Gathering my courage, I strode through the entrance.

“Make sure you address him as sir,” Alice whispered as I passed. “Good luck, Miss James.”

Standing there, shopping bags in hand, I awaited further direction, jumping slightly when the door closed behind me with a thud.

Mr. Reed’s palatial office resembled a small, upscale apartment. At one end was a massive desk. It faced a wall of windows that framed the breathtaking view of the city.

At the other end was a comfortable seating area arranged in front of a stone fireplace. In between were various pieces of fine furnishings and a side door that led to what looked like a private bath.

Although Mr. Reed was sitting at his desk with his head down, reading a document on his computer screen, his commanding presence still filled the room.

“Don’t just stand there, Miss James, bring me the items I asked for,” he barked without looking up.

I walked gingerly toward his desk, my breath quickening when I got close enough to see his profile in detail. I had never seen him like this, with his suit jacket off, tie loosened and the sleeves of his white shirt rolled up. The casual look made him seem slightly less daunting, but even more attractive than usual.

Leaning down to place two of the bags at his feet, I lingered for an instant, inhaling his male essence so I could commit his heady scent to memory.

After turning off his computer monitor, Mr. Reed turned toward me for the first time. “You’re late,” he said, looking me over top to bottom, while somehow avoiding eye contact.

“I’m sorry, sir,” I said with a small voice, knowing I should look down, contritely, but unable to divert my eyes from the sexy shadow that had already begun forming on his face.

“Did you get everything on my list?”

“Yes, sir. Everything you asked for is in those two bags... except for the things I’m wearing, just as you instructed.”

“I’m well aware of my instructions, Miss James.”

“Yes sir, of course you are.”


“Well what, sir?” I didn’t know what he wanted from me.

“Remove the coat, Miss James. I don’t have all day and would like to see what you purchased with my money,” Mr. Reed commanded, finally meeting my gaze.

His tight jaw and grim lips indicated his anger at my late arrival. But when I looked into his eyes, I saw something resembling heat.

Standing there, my confidence began to crumble. Could I really do this, strip down to almost nothing in front of my handsome billionaire boss?

“I’m waiting, Miss James,” Mr. Reed said, tapping his fingers impatiently on his desk.

Taking a deep breath and sucking in my gut, I undid the buttons, one-after-another, until the coat parted, exposing a hint of skin and black lace.

I paused, partly for effect, and partly to gather my courage for what I had to do next.

Slipping the coat off my shoulders, I let it drop to my feet, fully revealing my curvaceous body scantily clad in the black lingerie.

Mr. Reed’s eyes assessed my curves with a hot, hungry look, beginning with the corset that cinched in my wide waist while pushing my large breasts up and over the top. A hint of nipple was showing just above the lacy fabric.

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