The Billionaire's Curvy Conquest

By: Lydia Layne

Sitting down behind the desk, my heart skipped a beat as I opened the confidential envelope from Mr. Reed. This time, I had a pretty good idea what to expect - and I knew exactly where to shop for the items on his list!

His Special Seduction


“Patience, my beautiful, curvy Cassie. Let me savor your silky warmth, revel in your arousal.”

Chapter 1

The backseat of David Reed's luxury town car was more comfortable than any couch I had ever sat on. For a girl who was used to riding public transportation, this was traveling in style.

While the smooth leather hugged my body, I reviewed my billionaire boss’ latest list of demands.

Even though I had read the confidential memo more than a dozen times, and knew I had followed Mr. Reed's directions to the letter, I was still worried that I had missed something.

Tonight, of all nights, I wanted everything to be perfect. It was the first time that Mr. Reed had invited me to his home.

Well, maybe invited wasn’t quite the right word.

It's not like we were dating or anything like that. Billionaire David Reed was my boss and I was his Personal Communications Specialist. Although it sounded like a fancy title, it was really just a code phrase for concubine.

Don’t get me wrong; I did do some actual work at Reed Technologies. I opened and sorted through Mr. Reed’s personal and business mail. I managed his company email inbox. I transcribed his personal correspondence, which he dictated into a digital recorder. And I returned dozens of phone calls on his behalf.

But I must confess: My favorite part of being David Reed’s Personal Communications Specialist was opening the confidential memos that he had delivered to my office.


Wear your long, blonde hair down so that your soft curls drape your creamy, perfectly curved shoulders.

Apply minimal makeup. I want to see your natural beauty.

Wear a red lace negligee, mid-thigh in length. Make sure it’s scandalously see-through and skims your body to perfection.

Slide matching crotchless panties over your freshly waxed mound. Brazilian, of course. I want you bare and glistening when I slip my tongue between your dewy petals.


Crotchless panties were always a Mr. Reed requirement so far. Frankly, I didn’t see the point. Without a crotch, they were useless as an undergarment. Then again, they did give him easy access during sex while providing some semblance of coverage, which I appreciated. So I guess that was the point.

That last part about waxing was something new. I have to say that getting a Brazilian bikini wax was not a very pleasant experience, although the esthetician assured me that the first time was always the worst.

Not only was the process painful, but I wasn’t a skinny girl, so it was kind of embarrassing exposing my privates to a stranger. I did like the smooth effect, though, and how extra-sensitive my clit was without any hair down there...


Slide your manicured toes into black Christian Louboutin stilettos. Not the platform style. I want you raised onto your toes when I kiss your full, luscious lips.

Cover yourself with the black coat, buttoned neck to calf, so I can savor the unveiling of your delectable body.


I was the one with an English degree and several published essays to my name. But I had to admit that Mr. Reed had a way with words. Reading his directives nearly made me swoon!

The memo also stated that Mr. Reed’s town car would pick me up promptly at 9 PM. I tried to be ready on time.


But this was such an important night and I wanted to look my best.

When I finally dashed out my door at 9:20, the town car driver didn’t bat an eye. He just smiled, greeted me by name and opened the door to the back seat so I could slide in.

We had been traveling for nearly half an hour when the driver lowered the privacy panel that separated the front and back seats of the town car. “We’ll be arriving at our destination in just a few minutes, Miss James,” he said.

“Thank you,” I replied nervously.

Knowing that it wouldn't be long before I stepped into Mr. Reed's home for the very first time made me wet with anticipation. I shifted awkwardly and cursed the crotchless panties under my breath. I hoped that I wouldn't leave a noticeable wet spot on my coat!

With a final glance at the memo, I assured myself that I had ticked every box and tucked it back into my handbag.

Looking back in wonder, I could hardly believe how much my life had changed in such a short amount of time. One month ago, I was a lowly administrative assistant at Reed Technologies. Then, after completing a very special assignment for Mr. Reed, I was promoted to his Special Projects team and given an office on the fifth floor with a view to die for.

The Special Projects division of Reed Technologies managed every detail of Mr. Reed’s personal and professional life. What we did on the fifth floor was completely confidential. And now that I was an intimate part of the team, I knew why.

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