The Billionaires Love Curves

By: Cj Howard

“That doesn't matter, I just want to taste these curves.” he said, pulling her closer so that her ample breasts were in line with his face. He kissed the skin of her bosoms pulling her round, smooth hips against him as she held him around his neck, throwing her head back, feeling his kisses moving down her body.

He led her onto the bed where she lay on her back as he knelt above her, undoing his shirt and removing the rest of his clothes before hooking his fingers into the top of her panties and guiding them off her slender legs.

They kissed more passionately now, rolling across the wide bed that seemed endless. He held her face between his hands, staring deep into her eyes as he entered her, not taking his eyes off her until she became flooded by a wave of ecstasy, her fingernails digging into his back and calling his name.

A little later she lay on her side with his body closely mapping hers, his arm around her, their fingers entwined. She could hear him breathing and knew he was falling asleep. Her eyes became heavy too. She was in one of the most expensive places in New York with a man she could never have hoped to date but felt contented and safe. His body was warm and just before falling asleep she remembered her rule about first dates. But she knew Nate was well worth breaking the rules for.


In a matter of months Lacey and Nate had developed a relationship that operated on two very separate levels. At work they met occasionally in Nate's suite of offices so that he could pass on his vast experience in publishing to her. She lapped up all of his invaluable advice and her confidence in her job meant she was working at a much higher level.

Eventually, they met at work a lot less.

“It's for the best, Lacey,” Nate had said. “Everyone can see you're finding your feet and Ali has talked about a pay raise for you.”

Admittedly the less time spent with Nate, the better. It was hard for Lacey to keep her feelings for Nate in check in the way he did. They barely greeted each other when Nate was in the building and they never exchanged a conversation of more than a quick “Hello, how are you?” in front of any of the staff.

But, away from Holden-Taylor, they were having a very passionate affair.

Nate had taken Lacey to expensive restaurants, together they'd flown out to various locations for weekends away from the city, and he’d bought her endless gifts and had even offered to rent a penthouse apartment for her.

She was loving the attention and becoming more and more attracted to the softer side he showed her when they were away from the office. When they were alone, Nate was attentive and kind and she was having the time of her life.

Her first feature in the February issue of The Word magazine was now just weeks away from publication. She got a call from Nate's secretary.

“Mr. Horwood wants you to attend a meeting with him this afternoon. Please be at the rooftop landing pad at noon.”

“Rooftop landing pad? You mean on the roof of this building?” Lacey had to be sure of what she was hearing. She had never been in Nate's private helicopter to go to a meeting. That privilege was for people of a much higher rank than her and she wondered why Nate would suggest it.

“That's right,” said his secretary. “You need to be up there for a noon take off.”

“Okay, I'll be there,” Lacey said.

At five minutes before noon, Lacey gathered up her things. She put on the expensive Ralph Lauren coat Nate had bought her, the one she had to pretend was a fake – how else could she afford it?

It was red and had a fur collar which she did up tightly as she opened the door to the roof and a cool breeze circled her whole body.

There was a loud whirring sound coming from the rooftop and the door was held open by one of Nate's security team. The helicopter was on the landing pad with its engine running and blades swishing. Lacey had to stop and catch her breath. She saw Nate sitting in the helicopter wearing a headphone set and dark glasses. He waved to her. Before she could wave back the security guard held her by the elbow and marched her to the landing pad.

She lowered her head as he helped her climb in. Nate smiled and handed her a set of headphones like his with a mouthpiece attached. She put it on and Nate shouted, “Let's take her up!” to the pilot. “Buckle up!” Nate called. His voice came through in her headphones behind crackles and distortion. He smiled at Lacey who searched for a seat belt as the helicopter began to soar high and far above the building, flying over the towering office blocks and straight into the gray blue sky.

“Where are we going” Lacey asked.

“Just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

Lacey could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She had never been in a helicopter before and never imagined in her wildest dreams that she'd be flying in one over New York.

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