The Billionaires Love Curves

By: Cj Howard

She wondered who she might see there. She couldn't wait to tell Elaine. But to her amazement, the entire restaurant was empty. Was this some kind of mistake? Suddenly, Nate walked towards her.

“Lacey, you look absolutely amazing. That dress is just…”

“A perfect fit. You really have been stalking me. But,” she looked around as he took her arm and linked it to his. “Where is everyone?”

“I hoped you wouldn't mind. Very often I like to have places reserved for just me and special guests. You're special, Lacey, and I hope this is going to be okay with you. I don't want to share you with anyone, I'm a little selfish like that.”

The waiting staff pulled out her seat. Nate sat down opposite her and, before she could answer, a waiter appeared with a menu and placed it in front of her before placing one into Nate's hands.

“I've never eaten in a place I had all to myself.” Lacey looked at her surroundings.

The ceiling was high and ornate with several real crystal chandeliers dangling from brass chains. The lighting was soft with a romantic glow of red filling the room, generated by the plush, red seating. The table cloths were pure white, there were pure white candles on each table and the silverware gleamed, giving off the occasional sparkle because of the candlelight.

The windows ran the whole width of the restaurant which was on two levels. Theirs was a window table with views of the Manhattan skyline. Lacey could see her reflection in the window, it beamed back at her as she took everything in.

“I was hoping to see some celebrities,” she turned to him and grinned. “Then I'd be able to impress my roomie.”

“I'm sorry,” Nate said. “Maybe next time.”

“What can I get you to drink, Mr. Horwood?' The head waiter was at the table now.

“We’ll just have a champagne cocktail while we look over the menu, Hector.”

“Very well.” Hector bowed and moved away.

“If you don't mind, Lacey, could I order for us?”

“Please do. I put myself through night school but I never did learn French. ”

They talked and laughed their way through a wonderful evening of good food and fine wine. Nate convinced Lacey to order dessert while he sat and watched her eat. She did not once feel self-conscious. This was the perfect evening, and she didn't want it to end. She imagined what the folk from her old neighborhood would think if they saw her now.

“Would you like coffee, Mr. Horwood?” a waiter asked.

“Yes, we'll have coffee but could you serve it in my suite in five or ten minutes.”

The waiter nodded and left.

“Your suite?” Lacey’s brow knitted.

“Is it all right? I just want to stretch my legs and change surroundings. I get restless, I'm afraid.”

“You booked a suite, which was a bit presumptuous.” Lacey sat back in her seat.

“Oh it's not booked for tonight. It is my suite. Sometimes I put guests from abroad up here, that's all.”

The suite was a stunning array of gold and red silks and soft furnishings. Sumptuous pillows and deep pile carpet. All Lacey wanted to do was roll on the floor, take it all in in case it never happened again. She hoped it would. It wasn't because of the splendor and beauty of this suite but because she really liked Nate.

He was easygoing, had a good sense of humor and seemed to really like her.

The coffee was all ready and waiting when they arrived but Lacey did not want any. Nate was talking and giving her lots of space as he walked around the room, talking about the pieces of art on the walls and the tiny sculptures on the side tables.

She remembered how she felt being in close proximity to him in his office and longed to have that happen now.

As if sensing the call from within her, Nate stopped talking all of a sudden and walked slowly towards her. He gripped her upper arms in his large hands and pulled her to him, pressing his lips to hers. She parted her lips without reservation and let their tongues glide together in almost familiar movements.

She let out a sigh as they broke away.

“You want to leave?” he asked her.

“No, not at all.”

“I'm glad to hear that.”

He picked her up in one easy action and carried her through an open door into the bedroom where there was a wide bed covered in a lush silk cover. He stood her by the side of the bed and moved behind her. First he let his jacket fly across the room and then, very tenderly, he pulled down the zip at the back of her dress and let it fall to the floor.

He moved to the bed and sat on it, holding her hands and letting his eyes roam up and down and around her body.

“I didn't have the underwear to match the dress, I'm afraid.”

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