The Billionaires Love Curves

By: Cj Howard

“I want to learn more about the business,” she said. “That's my priority here.”

“Fine by me,” he said.

“So you’ll teach me all you know?”

“I promise. But do you promise to go on one date with me and see if you can get to like who I am?”

She stepped away from him. Somehow, during his monologue he had moved closer and closer to her, the exciting scent of his body had made her almost giddy and she tried not to look at the broadness of his shoulders, the strong but elegant neck that gave him an air of grandeur. Instead she blinked hard and tried not to let him see how much just looking into his eyes as he spoke those words, made her tremble just behind her knees.

“What would people say?” Lacey said. “What would Ali Russell think if we went on a date?” She turned her back on him and walked towards his desk.

“No one has to know. You needn't say anything to anyone. In fact it's much better that way.”

She turned around and found he was right behind her, she jumped and rested her hands on his chest, either to steady herself or stop his advancement.

“I'm sorry, did I startle you?” He said.

“No, no you didn't. I just didn't realize how close you were,” she lied.

He looked down at her delicate brown hands against his white shirt and then into her eyes. She withdrew her hands quickly.

“Sorry,” she said.

“Not a problem, Lacey. I can have a car pick you up this Friday evening at seven thirty. Maybe dinner?”

“That would be good. Shall I give you my address?”

“No need. You of all people must know rule number one of the stalker's handbook.”

She giggled.

'Seven thirty is fine. I look forward to it. But for now, all I need you for is your business brain.”


“Lacey, take it from me, it's a big mistake to start schtupping your boss,” Elaine was calling over her shoulder towards the kitchen door. She was slumped on the sofa in a baggy t-shirt and pajama bottoms she probably had since she was twelve years old. Lacey was making popcorn and grabbed the two opened bottles of beer from the table as she walked back to the living room. She was in tatty sweats with her hair tied up in a messy ponytail.

“I'm not schtupping him. I haven't even been on a date with him.” She threw herself onto the sofa next to Elaine and handed her a beer. “Besides, he's not exactly my boss – Ali is.”

“But he’s Ali's boss which makes him your big boss, which is even worse.”

“It's one date, Elaine. We're not telling a single soul, so if we end up hating each other, no one will ever have to know.”

“But he's the one who wants it to be a secret, so no one will ever know. What's that all about?” She grabbed a handful of popcorn from the bowl Lacey had placed on the table.

“Well I don't want anyone to know either. I was the one who suggested it.” Lacey sipped from the bottle.

“Was it?' Elaine said. “Or did he just want you to think it was your suggestion? Rich men can be super manipulative.”

“Shut up, Elaine.” Lacey threw popcorn at her and turned to the television screen where a soppy love story was coming to a sad and tearful conclusion.

Just then the intercom buzzed.

“You expecting anyone?” Lacey looked at Elaine.

“No, are you?”

“Well, why would I ask you that if I was expecting someone? Go answer it.”

“It's late,” Elaine put her bottle of beer down. “They must have the wrong apartment. I hope they don't piss me off and make me start using expletives. I was enjoying that movie.”

Elaine padded over to the intercom and shouted, “What?” into the mouthpiece.

“Package for Miss Lacey Butler,” said the voice from downstairs.

Lacey looked over with a handful of popcorn seconds from her open mouth.

“Who from?” blasted Elaine.

“A Mr. Nate Horwood. Look lady I ain't got all night.”

“Come right on up, then. Third floor!” she shouted back and buzzed the door open. “Jerk,” she said, flopping back to her warm seat.

“What is Nate doing sending me packages in the middle of the night?”

“Presents before a date. Seems like someone's keen to get you in the sack.”

“Well, he'll get a real surprise tomorrow night after our meal.” Lacey opened the door. “I never put out after the first date.”

“Me either,” said the courier who had just appeared at the open door. “Sign here, lady.” The package was a large and wide white box with a red ribbon around it and a bow on the top. Lacey laid it on the floor beside the sofa and stared at it. Elaine leaned over the arm of the sofa and stared at it too.

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