The Billionaires Love Curves 2

By: Cj Howard

Their hands touched, briefly, as both went to press the button to their floor.

“Oh, sorry,” she said. “Didn't see you.”

“No problem,” Nate said, looking upwards and not at Lacey.

Lacey continued to hum and Nate looked over at her.

“Everything all right?” Nate said.

“Everything is wonderful,” she replied, as the elevator door opened. Her step was light and she practically skipped out of the elevator in the direction of her office, not giving Nate a second look. He, on the other hand, stood and watched the cut of her dress, the sway of her hips and the rustling sound the fabric made as she walked along the corridor.

Lacey was fully aware that Nate had been looking at her. She knew that she had filled the elevator with the perfume he'd said was his favorite scent on her. This was the first time since their break up that she was walking with a confidence and Nate must have noticed.

Lacey closed her office door without looking over her shoulder but sensed Nate was still lingering. She ignored this fact, as there was a boardroom meeting for all the staff. Lacey got ready to go, she remembered the first time she attended a staff meeting like this one. All of the writing staff had been there, including Jane, the journalist she had replaced. That was the day Nate had first seen her in action and had become attracted to her.

Lacey collected her thoughts and made her way to the boardroom. During the meeting, she was aware of Nate's eyes boring into her. She could feel them on her body and, for a moment, was tempted to pull at the buttons on the front of her dress, as though his eyes were undressing her.

“...and what do you think, Lacey?”

Lacey became aware that the editor-in-chief, Ali Russell, whom she'd become good friends with, was asking her a question. Lacey looked at Nate, very briefly, before looking to Ali.

Ali caught the glances between Lacey and Nate but tried not to let it show.

“Lacey, I wanted you to tell everyone about the new look autumn issue you've been working on. In fact, before you do, I just want to inform everyone, and I hope Lacey doesn't mind if I do this publicly, but I have decided to promote her.”

Lacey's eyes widened. Again, she glanced quickly at Nate and wondered if the decision had anything to do with him but his head was down. A thought ran through Lacey's mind that perhaps this was Nate's way of trying to win back her affections. Did he want a second chance?

A little after the meeting, Ali Russell caught hold of Lacey as they passed each other in the corridor.

“I need to see you in my office,” Ali said.

“Have I done something wrong?”

“Not at all, just a quick word.”

“I'll be right along,” Lacey said, turning back to look at Ali and wondering what on earth this could be about. Ali looked serious.

“Come take a seat, Lacey.” Ali said when Lacey joined her a few minutes later. “First of all, sorry about springing the promotion on you without discussing it with you first.”

“Oh, that was fine. I like surprises – good ones anyway,” Lacey said.

“I didn't even stop to ask you if you accept. But everyone started clapping. They all agree, you're good at your job.”

“Thanks, Ali, and there's no way I would refuse. This is what I've been working for.”

“Good, but just make sure you keep it all business, Lacey.”

“I don't understand,” Lacey knotted her eyebrows. “I thought I always did.”

“You do, Lacey, but still I can't help feeling a little worried.”

“What about?” Lacey sat up straight.

“I don't know,” Ali said. “Maybe it's my imagination, but I'm getting a vibe from you and our CEO.”

“You mean Nate?”

“Who else? He spent a lot of time mentoring you so I wondered if you two had become...close.”

“Ali, there's nothing going on between me and Nate.” At least she hadn't had to lie.

“I must just be putting two and two together and making five,” Ali's smile was tight.

“You must be.”

“So there's nothing?”


“Good. Office romances don't always work out and you're good, Lacey. I didn't want you getting into something and coming out the loser.”

“You don't have to worry about me, Ali. I'm fine and I know what I'm doing.”

“I'm glad to hear it. And in that case, you need to go up and see Nate.”

“Really, what for?”

“He told me he wanted to congratulate you, personally, on your promotion. That rarely happens here, and I wondered why he's singling you out. I thought it was because he saw you as his protégé.”

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