The Billionaires Love Curves 2

By: Cj Howard

He removed her underwear and began to kiss the skin around her navel, drawing circles with his tongue, gliding it up to her nipples and feeling her pulling his head closer and closer to her body until his teeth were around the dark area of her nipples and she was crying out.

“Shh...” He put a finger to her lips. “I thought we had to be quiet.”

She giggled. “Not that quiet.”

Lacey sat up and pulled the bottom of Cole's shirt out from his pants before undoing his belt and pulling down his zipper. His aroused state excited her more. She watched him free himself of the rest of his clothes as she lay back. Cole widened her already spread legs and lowered himself onto her, feeling her anticipation rippling in waves beneath him.

They forgot about having to be quiet. This first encounter was overpowering them both and they played it out with more noise and movement of their bodies than either of them could control.


“Damn it!”

“What's the matter, Lacey?”

“I forgot to set the alarm. I'm late for work.”

After a night of lovemaking, Lacey had fallen asleep in Cole's arms and, for the first time since her break up with Nate, she had fallen into a deep, peaceful rest. Even her internal alarm hadn't roused her, come morning.

“Don't go in today,” Cole said, leaning up on his elbow and pulling Lacey back into bed before she could race off to the bathroom to get ready.

“Cole, I can't just not show up.”

“Why not?”

“I have a job to do.”

“How many times have you taken a day off for anything?”

Lacey stared up at the ceiling, she didn't have to think too hard. Since starting at Holden-Taylor almost seven months ago, she had worked solidly.

“Well,” she said, “maybe once or twice but there was always a good reason.”

“What if I give you a good reason to phone in and tell them you can't make it in today,” he whispered.

“And what could that reason possibly be?” she asked, looking up into eyes that were smiling down at her.

“Well,” he said. “To start – breakfast. I insist it's the only way to start the day.” While he spoke, his fingers caressed her body from the base of her neck down to her chest.

“Then, a long shower while we contemplate what we'd like to spend the day doing.” His fingertips were sending waves of delight into the area of her nipples, her body wriggling with pleasure as he touched the skin on her upper torso and moved on to her tummy. “I suggest a movie or a museum, something like that.” His fingers were now in a tantalizing position between her legs, the pressure of his fingers relentlessly convincing her that a day off work was what she needed right there and then.

“You win, Cole,” she breathed, her back arching, her waist gyrating.

“You better call in,” Cole said, stopping what he was doing.

“In a minute,” Lacey said, grabbing his hand and returning it to the place it was before.

Cole smiled, Lacey closed her eyes and forgot all about work. Holden-Taylor no longer existed.

Before breakfast, Cole and Lacey showered together. Elaine had left a note, written in lipstick, on the bathroom mirror for Lacey. It read: “Nice to hear you got home safely!”

She was able to wipe it off before Cole came into the bathroom.

“I know exactly where we can have breakfast,” Cole said.

“Oh really, where?” Lacey said as she pulled on a t-shirt and jeans.

“Let me surprise you,” he said.

They jumped into his sports car and he sped across the city with the radio playing loudly and Lacey feeling carefree and ready to just relax and enjoy her day away from the office. They pulled up in a Brooklyn street, busy with passersby and small shops selling fresh food and flowers.

“Are we stopping here?” Lacey was surprised that Cole had not taken her to an expensive hotel restaurant or a more affluent part of New York.

“Yep, this is the place.”

Cole looked across the road to an Italian restaurant with tables and chairs outside where two overweight men sat drinking coffee and reading newspapers.

“Let's go!” he said.

They held hands and ran across the road and entered the little restaurant which had a bell over the door.

“Cole!” A short couple were behind the counter. The woman came around and grabbed Cole's face down to her height so she could kiss his cheeks three times.

“Cole, Cole, Cole, why haven't you been back in so long?” the woman said. She had black hair with flecks of gray, her dress was tight over her plump figure.

“I was only here last week!” Cole said but Lacey could tell he was pretending. The chubby woman just raised her eyebrows and winked at Lacey.

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