The Billionaires Love Curves 2

By: Cj Howard

“Where we going?” Lacey asked as he sped away.

“A few friends are having drinks at the Roof Garden of the Hilton. I said I'd drop by, I hope you don't mind,” he said catching glimpses of her but still having to keep an eye on the traffic.

“No, sounds fine, but do I look all right?”

Lacey was wearing a very clinging navy dress in stretch fabric that showed up every curve of her hour glass figure. Cole had not failed to notice how it hugged her full hips as he walked her to the passenger side of his car. And the cut of the neckline that showed off her cleavage.

“You look like you always do, Lacey. Absolutely wonderful.”

When they arrived at the bar, Cole introduced Lacey to a table of seven of his friends. He sat her next to a friendly red-head in a gold strappy dress as he stepped away to answer a call on his cell phone.

“So, you're Lacey,” the red-head said, shaking Lacey's hand. She snapped her fingers at a passing waiter. “Another of these, please. I hope you like Mimosas, they're my favorite and I love them.”

“I do, thanks.”

“Cole hasn't stopped talking about you. He keeps going on about this exceptional journalist he's met and showed me every one of your articles online.”

“Oh, God, no! I'm sorry about that.” Lacey put her hand to her cheek.

“Don't you dare apologize. I love your writing, and Cole, if I'm not mistaken, appears to love you.”

“He what?”

“Oh, I'm sorry if I'm speaking out of turn but one thing about Cole is, he never introduces us to anyone he dates unless she's serious and that hasn't happened in a really, really long time. Oh, here he comes. Don't tell him I told you.”

Lacey looked at Cole with a different pair of eyes. She was warming to Cole by the day, but never would have imagined that he was already seeing her as a serious girlfriend. She studied him all evening and noticed how relaxed and happy he was. He was more than attentive to her and made sure she never felt left out. During the course of the evening all she thought about was the prospect of having Cole Tyler as a boyfriend and the idea appealed.

But it got late and Lacey had to go, she had work the next day. Cole spotted her looking at her watch.

“We can go any time you're ready. Allow me to drop you home.”

“You're allowed.” She grinned, her cheeks flushed from the Mimosas.

Cole made their excuses, took Lacey's hand, led her to the elevator and stared at her all the way down. Placing his hand in the small of her back, he walked her to the car. They drove back to her apartment in silence, both stealing quick glances at the other.

At her apartment block, Cole got out of the car and walked Lacey to the front door.

“I hope you had a good time, Lacey,” he said, stroking her face. It was a warm summer evening and she was wearing her purse over her shoulder with her bare arms crossed under her bosom.

“I had the best time,” she said. Then grinning up at him she said, “It felt like a date.”

“I was hoping you would see it like that,” he said. “I know I wanted to be your friend but I'm feeling like I'd like to move this a step further.”

“Really,” she said looking into his eyes.

“Yes, really.” He stopped stroking her cheek and let his fingers run down the side of her neck and along the neckline of her dress. His forefinger stopped just where her breasts met and he pulled her towards him so that her dress gaped a little. Very gently, his lips brushed hers and a shiver came over her, despite the heat of the night.

Their tongues slowly circled each other and eventually Cole put his arms around her tiny waist. She uncrossed her arms and placed them around his neck as their kisses became more intense.

“Do you want to come up?” she breathed, their lips parting for just a moment.

“Only if it's all right?” he said, eyes still closed.

“Yes, Elaine should be asleep by now. If we're quiet...”

“I hope I can do quiet,” he laughed and watched as she took the keys from her purse. He followed her up to her apartment and into her bedroom.

She let her purse drop to the floor as she went up on her toes to hold him and kiss him again. They walked towards her bed while still in an embrace. She fell backwards, him on top of her, still kissing and rolling together on the bed until they were about to tumble to the floor.

Lacey reached out an arm and turned on the side light. Cole knelt on the bed at her feet and removed her sandals. He took hold of the hemline of her dress, moved his hands up her slender legs, up over thighs, and the rest of her body, working the dress up over her head. He stopped to take in the red uplift bra and red silky panties before sinking his head between her breasts.

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