The Billionaire's Love Child

By: Cj Howard

The door opened and Ellen stepped in, draped in a cobalt blue satin robe that clung to her body closely. Kevin’s eyes drifted over her for a moment, and his breath caught as she walked toward him, her long sable hair hanging over one shoulder, her dark eyes looking at him like he was her prey, and her full red lips curved into a small smile.

He didn’t fool himself into thinking she might be there for him, though it made him sad. “What can I do for you?” he asked carefully.

She walked around his desk and sat on the edge of it, facing him. He leaned back in his chair and she slowly lifted her left leg and placed her foot just inches from his crotch. Her robe fell away from her and he looked at her pale, bare skin as she maneuvered just enough that he could almost see what was under her robe.

She leaned forward and the top of her robe fell loose, giving him a generous view of her full bare breasts. “I just thought I would come see what you are doing. You’ve been busy lately and it made me think I should stop in and say hello,” she said in a velvety voice. He could smell liquor on her breath.

“Hello, Ellen,” he said, feeling nervous about why she was acting so seductively toward him.

“It’s been so long since you kissed me…” she whispered, leaning toward him, taunting him. He stared at her and his heart began to pound. She was exceedingly beautiful and no matter how difficult things were between them, he wanted her. He always wanted her.

He looked up at her and she smiled down at him with her sultry lips and kissed the red painted tip of her finger, slowly, sensually, and then she lowered her hand and placed her fingertip on the inside of her left knee, which was inches from his face.

“Kiss me… here.” Looking at her carefully, he turned his face slightly and pressed his lips to the place she had touched. Her smile widened. She moved her finger further up the inside of her thigh.

“Kiss me here, too,” she said softly. He closed his eyes slowly and moved his mouth up the inside of her leg, leaving a gentle, warm kiss where she had touched her skin. She lifted her other leg and set her foot on the arm of his chair, pulling it closer to her, and she pulled her robe open so that her nude body was revealed to him and he drew in his breath.

“Kiss me… here.” She touched herself lightly and then placed both of her hands on either side of his face, slipping her fingers through his hair until they were clenched behind his head, and she drew his face toward her core.

He gasped and felt his heart racing as he moved in toward her, slipping his hands under her thighs and around her hips, lifting her slightly and then closing his eyes and opening his mouth on her body. It had been so long since she had let him touch her, and the taste of her flooded him with desire.

The intimacy they were sharing had not happened between them in ages, and the intensity of it immediately ignited a white hot burning need in him. He held himself back and kissed her body tenderly at first, tasting the surface of her with his kisses, but then he began to flick his tongue over her and it took all his restraint not to delve deeply into her.

She lost her breath as he pleased her, moaning softly as he caressed her with his hot mouth. The sounds she made created an urgency in him that he could hardly hold back. He couldn’t remember the last time she had let him interact so passionately with her. Kevin grew even hungrier for her, and he could no longer withhold his desire. He thrust his tongue into her, moving it about with abandon, drinking her in and gorging himself on the body he had ached for so long and so much.

Ellen gasped and cried out, clinging to his head and throwing her head backward in exquisite delight, until at last she climaxed and her whole body stiffened with her orgasm.

He groaned with his own need, and when she had relaxed from her pleasure, he stood quickly and began to unzip his pants, but she looked at him and held his hands in her own, pausing him for a moment. She leaned toward him, wrapping her legs around him and she placed her full red lips beside his ear.

“Kevin, baby, do you want me?” she whispered hotly.

He shuddered with desire and held her hands firmly, “More than you could comprehend.”

“Well, baby, there’s something I really need, and I want you to get it for me, would you get something for me?” she continued, running her tongue along his neck and the edge of his ear.

He closed his eyes and drew in his breath. “Anything. Whatever you need. Name it.”

She pressed her soft warm lips to his ear and whispered again. “I need a brand new Lamborghini Reventon. A red one. I need it. Get one for me,” she pleaded softly, her lips pressed lightly on his skin.

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