The Billionaire's Love Child

By: Cj Howard

He lifted her up and laid her across his bed, sliding his hands over her body and caressing every part of it. “You are like nothing I have ever seen or touched,” he spoke, his lips against her skin, his tongue tracing flames over her.

Marina thought she had known love and pleasure, but nothing in her life had ever prepared her for the ecstasy that saturated her when he traced his tongue up her inner thighs and lost himself for what seemed like ages in the exploration of the core of her body with his tongue and lips. She held his hands tightly and her soft cries became louder as he tasted her. Drinking her in, he brought her to a heated climax over and over again. When he could no longer hold himself back from her, he lifted himself above her, moved between her thighs and pushed his erection into the hot dark depths of her, burying himself in her body and in her love.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him tightly and together they moved as one, losing their own individualities until there was nothing left but togetherness. She clasped at him, holding him to her with every ounce of her strength as he filled her with himself, giving her pleasure beyond her imagination. Then, as they wrestled with passion growing faster and fiercer, he pulled her hips firmly to his and thrust himself as far into her as he could, emptying the fires of himself into her until they both collapsed in bliss and exhaustion.

Kevin finally caught his breath and looked at her. “Marina,” he said softly as his heart began to slow. “I have never felt anything like you in my arms before. I know right now that I will never get enough of you. I will never know a day when I am not aching to be inside you, loving you,” he leaned over to her and kissed her sensually on her full lips, “losing myself in you. Can you give me that?” he asked, looking into her blue-gray eyes.

“Yes, my love. Gladly.” She slid her dark fingers over his back and pulled him to her body again. She lowered her mouth to his rising erection and with her tongue and lips, kissed him, swallowing him and sucking on him until he became completely aroused again, arcing his back and moving himself into and out of her mouth and throat until he could no longer stand his ache for her body.

He pulled himself from her hot mouth and laid her back on the bed, his hands reaching low and spreading her thighs apart, then rubbing himself against the outside of her body in her heat and moisture, making her gasp and hold tightly to him. He maneuvered against her core for only a few moments before he pushed the pulsing tip of himself into her.

There was no time to explore as they began to make love again; the urgency of their need was too great. They had tasted the best of each other, and both of them needed more of the same as though it was oxygen and they could not live without it.

He entered her swiftly in breathless need, moving in and out of her as slowly as he could, learning her body as they moved, holding her tightly to him, sucking at her breasts and teasing her nipples, clinging to her hips and pulling her snugly against his own, until before long, they were gasping in each other’s arms again.

They finally fell asleep in utter happiness, awash in love and joy. When they woke, they made love, and then showered and tended to their child, and every chance they got, they found themselves in each other’s arms, in each other’s bodies, in each other’s hearts.

In no time at all, the feel of the house changed, and it was filled with laughter and happiness, with love and great joy, as the members who lived in it made their family strong within the great walls.

A small wedding was held on the beach where Kevin had proposed to Marina, and their friends and a few family members congratulated them and wished them a lifetime of happiness, health and prosperity. It wasn’t long after the wedding that Kevin and Marina announced that they would be adding a second child to their family, and they knew no greater joy.

Their happiness lasted all of their days as they finally welcomed five children over the years into their lives and home, raised them together and put the dark memories of their pasts in the shadows that the brilliant light of their love and lives created.

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