The Billionaire's Love Child

By: Cj Howard

“How are you gentlemen today?” she asked, sitting down and looking at them as she sipped her water.

They both nodded and smiled, saying that they were fine.

“Marina, it means a great deal to me that you could meet us here today. Thank you so much for that. I really appreciate it.”

“I’m glad I could do it,” she said with her happy smile.

“Well, if I may get right to it, the situation is this. I’m a married man, and I intend to stay that way for the rest of my life. I take my vows seriously; I love my wife, and I wish she and I could have a child, but it just isn’t possible. I recently found out that my wife isn’t able to have children, and it is very important to me to have a family to carry on my name and inherit what I have made for myself. It seems to me that the solution would be to have another woman carry my child and raise it as her own.

“Ideally, I want to be able to be part of the child’s life and help raise it, to be there to spend time with it and to love it and care for it as a father should, but only as a father to the child, not as a husband to the mother, if that makes any sense.

“In return for this arrangement, I would glad to cover all medical costs associated with artificial insemination, maternity and pregnancy, childbirth, at which I would want to be present, and the entire expense of not only raising the child, but all the care of the household for the mother and child, as well as the education of the child through the college years. There would be no expense for the mother whatsoever, at any time.”

Kevin finally stopped talking and took a breath, looking at Marina, who sat there and quietly watched him the entire time. She leaned back in her chair and smiled, stretching out just far enough to reach into the sunlight and let it shine on her for a moment, and then she sat back up and sipped her water.

“I’m sorry to hear that your wife can’t have babies. That must be really hard for you both.” She smiled at Kevin. She knew right away from the look in his eyes and the way that he spoke that she could trust him, and she liked him. She knew he was a good man. “How does your wife feel about someone else having your child?”

Kevin looked down for a quick moment and then raised his gaze back up to her. “Well, to be honest, she doesn’t know, and I don’t want her to know.”

Marina tilted her head sideways and watched him. “Why is that, Kevin?” she asked curiously.

He knew he had to be honest with this woman if he wanted her to have his child raise it, and he already knew that this was exactly the woman he wanted for the job.

He sighed and leaned back in his chair. “I was led to believe that she could have children until very recently, when she told me she had a hysterectomy when she was eighteen. She made me believe that she could have children, and we dated and fell in love and got engaged and I married her, thinking that someday we would have a family.

“It isn’t going to happen now, and that is something that she has known all along and never bothered to mention to me, knowing how important it is to me to have a family. Her priorities are shopping and spa days. My priority is having children. It would cause undue stress in our relationship to try to include her in this endeavor. It isn’t important to her, and it is imperative to me. I hope you can understand that,” he said sincerely.

She nodded slowly and her smile faded a little. “I wouldn’t want to cause any problems in your marriage, but if you think it’s best that she doesn’t know about this, then I can do my part to make sure that doesn’t happen, but… Kevin, do you really think that you can keep the fact that you have a child from your wife? How long do you think you can do that before she finds out about it? What would happen then?”

Marina leaned forward and Kevin caught a glimpse of the high curve of her breast and leaned back away from her to shield his view.

“She and I don’t really speak much, or spend much time together. I honestly don’t think she would find out because she has absolutely no interest in anything I do, but if she did find out, then I would help her cross that bridge when and if we ever got to it, but I would like to try to keep it clandestine for the time being, just to prevent any issues. Is that something that would be alright with you?” He looked at her hopefully.

She bit her lip and thought a moment, wondering how bad this man’s marriage must be if he and his wife were so distant, but she realized that his need for a child was truly great and she liked the idea of his plan. She could have the child she wanted without having to be in a relationship. “How much of the child rearing do you want to be a part of?” she asked earnestly.

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