The Billionaire's Love Child

By: Cj Howard

“I’m glad to help you, old friend,” Jacob said solemnly.


Two weeks later, Kevin was sitting in his office when Mac walked through the door. He had notified Kevin that he was coming, but Kevin was more than anxious to see him.

“There you are! Well? Where is this file?” he asked, half rising from his seat and then sitting back down as Mac hurried across the office and laid the file on his desk, then sat opposite him.

“I think we may have found just the right woman for you, sir. She is healthy, intelligent, emotionally stable and responsible. She is looking for a sperm donor because she wants to be a single parent.” Mac sat at the edge of the seat, almost hovering, and looked at Kevin as he opened the file and started reading the paperwork.

Kevin reviewed her excellent medical history and her education and community work. He looked at her job history and residences. He looked at her family’s history and then he turned the last page and saw the eight by ten glossy photos of her.

She was beautiful. Blue-gray eyes and dark mahogany skin, full sweet lips that curved into a genuinely happy smile, high rounded cheeks and something elegant about the way she carried and held herself. He stared at her images for a long moment, thinking about what his child might look like if born of this woman, and he liked it.

“What do you think, sir? Do you have any questions? I’m very familiar with the entire file and all of her information. I can answer anything about her for you.” Mac was as anxious as Kevin had been before Mac gave him the file.

“I like her. I would like to meet her as soon as possible. When can we arrange that, Mac?” Kevin asked, leaning back in his chair and gazing happily at his assistant.

“She is in Santa Cruz. I can arrange a meeting tomorrow, or perhaps today, if I can reach her. She knows that there is someone interested in becoming a sperm donor for her, and she knows that the person is a private donor, but she doesn’t know anything else. What works for you, sir?” Mac asked as he pulled out his phone.

“I want to meet her today, if we can do it,” Kevin said, picking up her photograph and looking at her lovely face.

Mac was already on the phone. He spoke politely and professionally for a few moments and then hung up and looked at Kevin with a wide smile. “We can see her today, sir. She will meet us in Santa Cruz. I’ll get the car ready.”

Kevin called Jacob while Mac arranged for the car to come around and pick them up. Jacob said he definitely wanted to be there for the meeting and asked them to pick him up along the way, which Kevin agreed to. He could not stop the bubbling excitement growing inside of him.

Two hours later they were pulling up to the café where the woman said he would meet them. Mac decided he would stay with the car unless they notified him that they needed him, and Jacob and Kevin went inside the café.

They didn’t see her when they went in and the barista looked at them sidelong for a moment and smiled. “Are you looking for Marina?” she asked.

Kevin smiled and nodded. “Yes, is she here, please?”

“She’s at one of the tables outside. Come with me.” The barista walked them to a shade covered round table, anchored securely beneath the sand on the beach. They sat, she took their orders, and then she disappeared. The woman was nowhere to be seen for a moment, but then Kevin saw her and tensed, and Jacob noticed.

“What is it?” he asked.

“It’s her.” Kevin watched her walking toward them. She was coming up the beach, her long curly hair tied back with a scarf which only partially tamed it from blowing in the breeze. Her sundress was hugging all of her body as the beach breeze curled and tugged it around her. She was smiling and wearing sunglasses that hid her eyes. She placed her hand on her forehead to shade her eyes, saw the men, and waved, heading toward them.

Kevin and Jacob both stood as she reached the table. “Hello, I’m Kevin and this is Jacob. You must be Marina,” he said, holding out his hand. She looked at his hand and smiled widely, then leaned over to him and wrapped her arms around him, folding him into a hug.

He felt a little awkward at first, and then his nervousness seemed to thaw quickly, and he put his arms around her in return and hugged her back. He was amazed at how good it felt. She smiled at him and walked around the table to hug Jacob, who saw it coming and hugged her back right away.

She was shorter and very curvy, but not heavy. Her muscles were toned and strong, and her dark skin had a healthy glow to it, as did her wide and welcoming smile. Her spirit seemed to emanate a warmth like the sun, and everyone around her seemed to soak it in like they needed it.

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