The Billionaire's Love Child

By: Cj Howard

Mac, Kevin’s assistant, replied without judgment or surprise, as he always did, no matter the request. “Yes, sir. I’ll look into it right away. Do you have any special requests?”

Kevin rubbed his finger over his chin. “Not really. Someone healthy, intelligent, responsible, hopefully attractive; things like that. I’m guessing someone like that who is looking for a sperm donor is probably looking for the same things I am.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll get right on that,” Mac said, confidently.

“Thank you, Mac. I appreciate it. Oh… Mac, please don’t say anything to anyone about this, and don’t say anything to Ellen. I don’t want her to know about it. She didn’t want to be involved in procreation, so she doesn’t need to know about this. It doesn’t concern her at all.”

“Yes, sir. Of course, I’ll keep it to myself.”

They hung up and Kevin sat there a moment and then picked up his phone again. This time he pressed a different speed dial number.

A man answered. “Hello?”

“Jacob, it’s Kevin. How are you?” He smiled slightly. Jacob was an old friend of his, and also one of the best attorneys in California.

“Hey, Kevin, I’m great. How are you doing?”

“Well, some things have come up here this morning that I wondered if I might talk with you about,” Kevin said, picking up a pen and turning it over in his hands.

“No problem. What can I do for you?” Jacob asked.

“Ellen just told me she isn’t able to have children because she had a hysterectomy when she was eighteen, so I am interested in looking elsewhere to make that happen,” Kevin began.

Jacob’s shock came through the phone. “But I thought you two were trying for kids… how could you be trying if she knew she couldn’t conceive? And what do you mean by looking elsewhere?”

Kevin sighed. “Well, my friend, I guess she lied to me. You’re talking to a fool. She never wanted kids; she just didn’t bother to tell me until now.” He turned his chair and looked out the window into his garden. “She suggested I go have children on my own if I want them so badly, so I’m taking her advice.

“I have Mac looking for a woman who might fit this unique need. I’m hoping to find a woman looking for a sperm donor; someone I can have a child with outside of my marriage, without being unfaithful to my wife. The mother and child would be under my financial care and I could see the child whenever I want to, and Ellen would never need to know about it. It’s the best fix for this broken situation, unless you have a better solution.” Kevin sighed.

Jacob let a long breath out through his teeth. “Wow, Kev… that’s a lot of risk. I don’t have to ask how important this is to you; I know what it has always meant to you to have a family. Ellen’s really pulled a fast one on you, my friend. I’ve got a lot of questions for you about this. First, how is your marriage to her looking?”

He took a deep breath and watched a bird splashing in the water at the top of the waterfall. “It’s not what I want it to be, but I made a vow and I’m standing by that vow, Jacob. I don’t want to lose my wife, and I don’t want to be unfaithful to her, but I do want children, and, if I’m lucky, grandchildren one day.”

“You’re a good man, Kevin. A damn good man. Okay, next question, when you say ‘under your financial care’, what exactly do you have in mind? I’ll need to make some changes for you.”

“I mean that the procedure to accomplish the task, the full medical care, childbirth and ensuing living expenses for both the mother and the child until the child comes of age, and the child’s education and lifestyle, are to be taken care of by me, without Ellen’s knowledge.” He was warming even more to the idea.

“Would you be changing your will and estate inheritance to include the child?” Jacob asked.

“The child would inherit everything, although Ellen would be guaranteed a residence of her choice and a generous monthly stipend for the remainder of her life, should I pass on before her.” Kevin felt strongly about caring for his obligations and commitments.

Jacob was still absorbing the shock of the news. “Wow… that’s… okay. Well, we’ll start getting everything changed when you find your girl. You sound like you’re really going to do this. Are you sure you want to? This is a massive and permanent undertaking.”

Kevin thought for a moment. “I’m sure. Jacob, nothing is more important to me than having a family. You know that. I just wish Ellen had been honest about herself before we married. Thank you for this. I appreciate it.”

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