The Billionaire's Love Child

By: Cj Howard

She yanked another dress from the row and glanced briefly at it before scowling and tossing it on the floor. “Are you still going on about that? How can you still be talking about that? Oh my god! Look at this!” she began to yell and waved her hand at the large room they were standing in; all four walls featuring shoe racks, shelves filled with handbags, and rows of clothes handmade just for her.

“I have absolutely nothing at all to wear! You can’t even take care of your own wife! How do you expect to be able to take care of kids? You’re insane! I can’t look at you anymore. I just can’t. You have to leave. Leave now!” she said as she leaned over and scooped up one of her tiny designer dogs and stomped into her bedroom, plopping herself down on the giant bed where three other tiny dogs were lounging. He walked out of the closet and stared at her as she sat there on the edge of her bed, glaring at him. Her dogs began to growl at him.

“Forget about having children, Kevin, you would be a horrible father. I can’t even imagine you destroying some kid’s life by trying to be their parent. We are not having a family; we are both already busy living our own lives. What are you going to do, stop working long enough to try to raise a kid? Right.”

She rolled her eyes and then angrily stared him down. “If you want kids, go have them on your own, and get out of my room! I can’t believe you came in here and said all these awful things to me! Look how upset I am! My head hurts now! How could you treat me like this? You are wretched! Ugh! Get out!” She picked up one of the multitude of pillows on her bed and flung it at him, missing him by several feet, and her dogs began to bark loudly.

Kevin stood there for a moment, staring at the hypnotically beautiful woman before him who was ripping his heart out, and he felt his heart break under her feet. He turned quietly and walked out of her bedroom, closing the door behind him.

He walked down the hall and winding staircase to the main floor and headed toward the back of the house where his office was. It was more of a sanctuary for him by that point. He closed the dark mahogany door behind him and sighed deeply. He felt as though he had been blindfolded all through his courtship and marriage to Ellen. She was a beautiful, broken gift.

He looked around him at his office. The walls were covered in bookcases that reached to the ceiling and, on the far wall behind his massive dark wood desk with intricate carvings, there was a wall of windows that looked out onto a lush and beautiful garden with a koi pond and waterfall. He often worked in this room with the windows open so he could hear the relaxing sounds of the water and of the world living just outside.

Kevin sat at his desk and buried his head in his hands. How did he not know his wife was unable to have children? How had she hidden that from him? Did she really never talk about having children?

He thought back over their conversations and realized that she was right. She had never said a word about having children. How had he not realized that? Just minutes ago, she said that he wouldn’t be a good father, and he pushed the comments from his mind. That couldn’t be the case. Of course he would be a good father. He was kind and thoughtful, he had a good heart, a great deal of patience, a lifetime of wisdom to pass down… he was a billionaire; he certainly had the means to care for any children he might try to raise. He would be no worse than any other parent.

Her comments gnawed at him… ‘If you want kids go have them on your own…’ he leaned back in his chair and folded his hands underneath his chin. Her words echoed through his mind and, as they twisted and turned, as they repeated over and over, they began to sink in and take hold.

Her lie by omission… she could never have children, and she just let him believe otherwise… “Go have them on your own…” she had said. She had known right from the start just how important it was to him and she disregarded his need.

Kevin picked up his phone and thought for a moment before pressing his speed dial button. A male voice picked up the other end of the line.

“Yes, sir.”

“Mac, could you please find out what it would take to locate a woman who is looking for a sperm donor?”

There was silence for a moment, then Mac replied, “Yes, sir. There are facilities that handle sperm donations. Should I get a list of facilities?”

“I’m actually thinking of locating a specific woman. I’d like to find one who is looking for a sperm donor, but one who would let me be part of the child’s life as it grows. It seems that Ellen and I won’t be having children together, and at her suggestion, I have decided to find someone else to bear a child of mine. I would provide the sperm, the woman would carry the child, I would pay for all of the child’s expenses and upbringing and see the child whenever I like.” The idea was still evolving in his mind, but even as it did so, he felt his heart growing excited.

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