The Billionaire's Love Child

By: Cj Howard

She powdered her nose and picked up her lipstick, pulling it across her puffed lips and coloring them bright red. She pressed her lips together and pushed them out toward the mirror. “Darling, we aren’t going to be able to have children.”

He sat up and looked at her with surprise. “Why not?” He stood up and walked over to her, standing behind her and placing his hands on her shoulders, meeting her eyes in the mirror. “We could start a family anytime, my love. Anytime at all. Let’s do it! I want it so much. I want a family with you!”

She looked at him in the mirror with her dark eyes and then turned on her seat to face him. She ran her hands and sharp red polished nails up and down the length of his thighs. Kevin drew in his breath as he looked down into her beautiful face. She parted her lips, watching him intently, and stood up slowly, sliding her hands up his body, resting them finally on his solid chest.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and she leaned close to his mouth, locking her gaze with his and said softly, “Because I had a hysterectomy when I was eighteen years old… my love. You see, I don’t want children. I’ve never wanted children.” She tilted the corners of her mouth up in a tiny Cheshire cat sort of grin.

Kevin felt the blood in all of his upper body drain to his feet and his heart seemed to suspend its rapid beating and sit perfectly still in his chest. He blinked.

“What are you talking about?” he asked as shock and horror began to reverberate throughout him.

She pulled her sheer negligee open and revealed the sculpted body that was barely hidden beneath it. Kevin’s eyes slipped down over her fully rounded and perky breasts, her narrow waist, curved hips and long slender legs. She looked like she had just stepped off of a magazine cover. She kept herself in flawless condition.

“Do you think I want some kid wrecking this beautiful body?” she said with a cold twist of her mouth. “I knew when I was sixteen that I was gorgeous, and I knew I didn’t want anything screwing that up for me, so as soon as I turned eighteen, I had a hysterectomy and guaranteed that this body would always be mine.”

She stepped close to him and pressed herself ever so lightly against him, her body barely touching his. “This body is what got your attention to begin with, isn’t it?” she whispered. He was battling fury and desire simultaneously, and he raised his hand, his fingers outstretched, and tentatively reached toward her breast, wanting to touch his fingertips to it.

She moved away from him quickly and his hand brushed at the air. He took a deep breath and refocused his mind and attention on her. “Ellen, you lied to me! How could you do that? We talked about having kids! How could you lie to me like that? You knew I wanted children right from the beginning, when we met!”

Ellen stepped over to her dresser and dropped her negligee to the floor, leaving it there and opening her drawers to pull out undergarments. She looked over her shoulder at him as she slowly slid on her thin designer panties.

“You talked about having children, and I let you talk about it. I never said I wanted them. I never said we should have them. I just let you talk and plan and I never said anything about it.” She slung her long sable hair over her back as she turned to face him while she pulled her bra on. “You were so wrapped up in the idea that I just let you keep on talking about it. I had hoped that it was a phase you would eventually get over.”

Kevin watched her in disbelief. “You let me go on about it and never said anything? You didn’t think maybe I ought to know that the woman I was marrying couldn’t have children when it was so obvious that I wanted them?” He felt as though he had been hit in the stomach with a wrecking ball.

She walked into her closet and turned on the light, and he followed her. She ran her hands over multitudes of hangers holding designer clothes specially made for her. “Ugh… I have nothing at all to wear. Look at this. I’ll have to get some more clothes made.”

She moved to another rack and flipped through the clothing there for a few moments before looking over her shoulder and scoffing at him. “Kevin, it’s really not that big a deal. You need to get over it. After all,” she said, pulling out a beautiful dress and shoving it back into the row of clothes as she continued looking, “you get to have me, and really, what could be better than that?” She pulled another hanger out and looked at the lovely pristine garment, contorted her face in disgust and threw it on the floor before going back to search again.

“What do you mean I have you? I don’t have you! You’re in your own room, you’re always busy, and you never let me touch you anymore. It’s been months since we made love. How do I have you? Ellen, I’m talking about having a family!”

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