A Wolf in Billionaire’s Clothing

By: Daphne Loveling

“Oh, I don’t know,” Jen replied airily. “It’s just… he’s very businesslike. And you know… you don’t really seem like his type.” Jen looked pointedly at Miranda’s figure.

Miranda could feel her anger rising, but was able to calm herself in time. “Well,” she responded, “I’m not sure why that would matter. I’m his assistant, not his girlfriend. Anyway, I better get in there. Have a good day!” She practically sang these last words, then turned and walked down the hall toward her desk. Stupid skinny bitch, she grumbled to herself.

Liam Blake’s door was cracked open when she arrived, and the light was on. Damn, she thought. She had been hoping to get there before he arrived. Still, she was a little more than ten minutes early, she noted as she checked the clock above the sitting area. She put her bag in one of her desk drawers and rapped softly on Liam Blake’s door. “Mr. Blake?” she said softly. “I’m here. Is there anything you would like me to do right away?”

He was even more gorgeous than she had remembered him from last night. As yesterday, he was dressed impeccably, but he looked tired this morning. His eyes betrayed exhaustion, and the small scratch above his left cheekbone was still there. Miranda almost asked if he had slept, but stopped herself, remembering how he had brushed aside any personal inquiries last night.

Liam looked up at Miranda, as if suddenly realizing she was standing in the doorway. “Oh, yes, Ms. Jacobs. Good morning. Please get me some coffee, please. Black.” He indicated a large mug on his desk. “And hold my calls for a couple of hours, I have work to do before a meeting this afternoon at 1:30. I’ll need you to type and make twenty-two copies of these documents for the meeting, and you’ll come to the meeting itself and take minutes.” He made no mention of the events of the previous evening, and for that Miranda was grateful.

“Yes, sir,” she replied, picking up his mug and exiting the office immediately. She returned a minute later with a fresh cup of coffee, which she set on his desk. “Should I take these documents now?”

“Yes, please,” he said. He seemed to have a habit of not meeting her gaze. “You know where the copier is? If not, Ms. Hathaway can show you.”

“Yes, I do. Should I bring the copies in to you when I’m finished?”

“Bring in the originals so I can go over them before you copy them.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied, picking up the stack of papers. She walked out of his office, and cracked the door open as she had found it. “Shut the door please!” he called gruffly.

Okay, she replied crankily in her head. Jeez, what a grouch. She frowned at his cold demeanor, and then made herself shrug it off. He’s not supposed to be my friend, after all. He hardly had any choice but to be nice to me last night after I practically fell right into him. I suppose he doesn’t even have to like me as long as he likes my work. Miranda turned her mind to her work and tried to keep her thoughts away from gruff Liam Blake, with mixed success.

Miranda spent the morning answering the phone, taking messages for Liam Blake, and typing and formatting the documents for the meeting. When she was finished with the documents she brought them in to Liam, who looked them over and grunted his approval. Though he was hardly glowing in his praise, she took pride in the knowledge that the only changes he had made to her draft were changes in his own wording. After having him approve her corrected versions, she went to the printer and made twenty-two copies as directed. When she got back to her desk, it was time for lunch.

Not particularly wanting to spend another gossipy lunch two days in a row, Miranda opted to take a walk through downtown on her lunch hour. She stopped at a sandwich shop and got a ham on rye to go, and then walked to a park two blocks down to eat. It was a lovely day, unseasonably warm for late October, sunny and bright. Miranda finished her sandwich and spent the rest of the hour lifting her face to the sun and watching other people on their lunch breaks walking and relaxing. With ten minutes to spare, she got up reluctantly and made her way back to the office.

Just as she was arriving at her desk, Liam Blake’s office door opened and he walked out, almost running into her. They both murmured apologies and Miranda found herself standing barely a foot away from him, his eyes looking deeply into hers. “You got some sun on your lunch break,” he said softly as his gaze brushed her sun-kissed cheeks. “You smell like the outdoors.”

Miranda’s lips parted in surprise as she looked up at him. She felt herself reddening at this sudden attention from a man who had seemed completely indifferent to her. “Yes,” she said as she struggled to think of something to break the silence. “There’s a… lovely park a few blocks away. I went there to get some fresh air.”

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