A Wolf in Billionaire’s Clothing

By: Daphne Loveling

Liam picked her up as if she were a feather, and lay her on the oversized couch. He lowered himself down onto her, and she spread his legs to cradle him between them. The hotness of his sex pressed against her. The delicious pleasure of it triggered something deep within her, and she lifted her hips to press against him. All she could think of was how she wanted him to plunge himself deep inside her. “Please…” she heard herself whisper. She threaded her fingers through his hair and pulled his face down to her own, opening her lips and kissing him passionately. He groaned loudly, his hips thrusting toward her as his body responded to hers. “Not yet,” he whispered. His lips traced a trail of burning kisses down her neck to her breasts, and his lips latched onto one nipple. He licked and teased, stiffening it, as she moaned and writhed, desperation making her lose control. She began to cry out softly, unable to contain her response to him. His lips moved to the other breast, teasing the nipple into hardness. Liam slid a hand down to caress her belly and her hips, finally stopping at the mound between her legs. Miranda whimpered softly, knowing he would soon discover how wet she was. He gasped as he plunged a finger inside her, feeling her need. “I can’t wait to be inside you,” he whispered into her breasts.

She felt herself spreading her legs wide, needing him to do just that. But Liam continued still lower, his mouth tracing a path down her belly. Miranda held her breath in anticipation of what she knew was coming next. She felt his hot breath between her legs, his hair brushing against her thighs. Finally, he moved his mouth to her throbbing clitoris and began to lap and suck at her. Something like a half-moan, half-scream tore from Miranda’s lips as she reached down and twined her fingers in his hair. She squirmed and writhed as he ever-so-slowly swirled his tongue around her slit, suckling and nibbling her it until Miranda could take no more. She could feel the pressure building inside her and knew that soon she would be past the point of no return. Liam seemed to sense this, too. He continued to trace circles and patterns around her swollen nub, and soon Miranda felt the explosive heat of her orgasm unleash inside her as she bucked against his warm tongue. She cried out over and over as the world exploded into a million pieces around her. Slowly, slowly, the pieces began to reconstruct themselves, and she came back to reason to find Liam still lying between her legs, gently lapping at her.

When he felt that her orgasm was spent, he moved back up, positioning himself on top of her and between his legs. His hard cock found her wet, waiting sex, and he pressed his head slowly against her still-sensitive clitoris before sliding it slowly in between her wet folds. “Take me!” Miranda whispered, and he slid his head slowly inside her, groaning as he felt her warmth gripping his cock. She arched her hips to get him more deeply inside her, running her hands up and down along the length of his muscular back. He slowly rocked his hips to thrust inside her, a little deeper with each thrust. Her hips moved to match his, thrust for thrust. She felt alive, desired, and consumed with pleasure as she wrapped her legs around his back. With each thrust they climbed higher and higher together. Miranda could feel his tension building as he got harder and larger inside her, and the more he filled her the higher she climbed. Instinctively, she angled her hips slightly so that his shaft was sliding against her slick, sensitive clitoris, and her legs began to tremble as every nerve ending began to explode once again in pleasure. She cried out, her interior walls clenching as she came, tightening around him. He thrust inside her a few more times, speeding up as his orgasm built. Finally, Liam let out a roar of pleasure and emptied himself inside her as her muscles contracted around him. He continued to move in and out of her, slowing gradually, until finally, panting with exhaustion, he stopped, remaining inside her as they returned to earth.

Panting with exhausted satisfaction, Liam bent to her and kissed her deeply. They lay like that for a few minutes, with him nuzzling at her neck and her clinging to him. Finally, he pulled out of her gently, sitting down on the couch and pulling her to him. They remained like that, enlaced, as he brushed his cheek against her hair. “Miranda…” he whispered. “Miranda.”

After a time he pulled away from her and grasped her by the shoulders, looking deeply into her eyes. “Miranda, you are the most beautiful, sexiest, most intoxicating woman I have ever known.” His eyes clouded. “I know I can’t ask you to feel what I feel. I am more certain than ever that you are the one I want to be my mate… but I know I can’t expect a human to understand that so soon. I can wait. Just promise me… promise me to give me a chance.”

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