The Boss Vol. 5

By: Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott

Blake clasped his hands at the back of his head. “Fuck.”

“Don’t worry, Intense Dude. I’m just going to crack the code and let you guys look at what’s inside. I’ve got clearance higher than your entire company combined. I don’t give two shits what’s on granny’s diary.”

“Annabelle would be flipping out at all the shots about grandmothers,” Blake said.

“Yeah well, this granny kinda rocks,” Lucy said from the FaceTime screen. Her fingers flew over her double keyboard. “But I’m better.” Ten minutes later, and another lesson in insults later, she slapped a cup down on the table on her side.

I jumped.

“Got it.”

Jack clapped. “You are my goddess, Lu.”

“And don’t you forget it.” She tipped her head and I noticed the ends of her hair were the same blue as her lashes. “Peace out, bitches.” And the screen went black.

Folders unfurled on the screen. Folders inside folders, and spreadsheets. So many spreadsheets. It was going to take us weeks to decipher it all.

“Holy shit,” Jack said.

I swiped my hand over my face. “What the hell were you into, grandmother?” I frowned. “What’s that file? It’s not a spreadsheet.”

Blake pushed Jack out of the way and popped open the Word document.

“It looks like more diary pages.” He tabbed through them. “And a video file.” He doubleclicked the file and my Grandmother’s face filled the screen.

Eyes so much like my own stared back at me.

“If you’re seeing this video, then I’m dead. Whomever is watching this must protect my granddaughter, Grace Cordelia Copeland. She’s in danger.”

THE FINAL volume of this serial is coming this SPRING from both BLAKE & GRACE’s point of view.

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