His Indecent Proposition

By: Aphrodite Hunt

Her teeth graze upon his foreskin.

“Suck me harder.”

She increases her suction pressure. Her cheeks bulge with the effort.

“Harder.” His voice grows harsher.

A thrill runs down her spine and between her legs as she redoubles her effort.

“Not good enough,” he says, withdrawing his cock from her mouth.

There’s a sudden hollowness in her throat and green zigzags appear before her eyes. He moves to her side and picks up the paddle. Before she can plead with him, a sharp twack comes down on her buttocks again. The pain is hot, exquisite.

She cries out.

He paddles her several times more until she’s weeping and tears are raining down her face.

“Please, sir, no more. Please . . . let me suck you again. I’ll be better.”

He stops the spanking and moves to her front.

In goes his hard cock – and she swallows it with vigor.

She’s somewhat enjoying this, she realizes. The pain, not so much, but his complete domination of her is a role reversal she has never experienced before, and she finds it deeply sexual and thrilling.

She sucks and sucks at him until she’s seeing stars in her eyes, and she’s gratified to hear his breathing grow harsher and feel his fingers digging into and clawing her hair.

“Ohhh,” he moans, and the sound is music to her ears. The thought of pleasuring this powerful, dangerous man and bringing him to the cusp of orgasm is heady – intoxicating.

He thrusts his cock into her mouth repeatedly. She suppresses her gag reflex and lets him go as deep as he can go – right against the back of her throat. He does it again and again, and his breathing grows so ragged that she is sure he will come this way.

And then he stops.

He withdraws his still rock hard cock from her mouth.

She pants with the effort, and sweat beads her brow. Her tears have dried on her cheeks somewhat, and she is glad she wears no mascara because it would have run, smudging her face.

“Are you on the pill?” he rasps.


Since she has started having sex with Brad Thornbird, she has been on the pill because he likes to do it without a condom.

“I’m going to fuck you. Keep still.”

He’s not asking for permission, she understands. Her palms and knees are already aching with the prolonged maintenance of her current position. She closes her eyes as his shadow passes over her as he moves to her side. So he’s going to take her on all fours, like an animal. There’s something intensely erotic about the idea.

“I want you to feel me and only me,” he says.

He picks up his tie – the very one he has so callously dropped onto the floor – and wraps it around her eyes.

“Oh,” she cries as he tightens it and ties it behind her head. Darkness immediately closes in on her. She can feel the two arms of the tie draping down her neck, the silk a whispery touch against her flushed skin.

She hears his footsteps with her heightened sense of sound. She can feel his hands on her hips. He caresses her buttocks – those very buttocks he has inflamed with his merciless spanking of it – and his hands are cool and soft and gentle.

The head of his cock nudges the hole of her wet pussy. She moans as her womb actually contracts with need. She wants him inside her – needs him desperately.

He thrusts into her without warning. She lets out a little scream at the sudden pain. It soon abates, and her moist, dripping passage is filled with his thick, warm flesh, and her walls are pushed apart to its maximal circumference, and he feels oh so good and large and omnipresent. He is right. In her darkness, all her senses are attenuated to that one region where he is joined to her, and she can feel every nuance, every curve of his molded flesh inside her.

He begins to fuck her . . . hard. It is as he promised. His hips slam against her buttocks, and his cock pistons in and out of her well-juiced vagina easily and lavishly. She can hear the moist, slick noises of their union  , and it is all she can do to maintain her balance on the glass table.

He grunts with each stroke, and she responds in kind. Her palms and knees are sliding forward, pushed with each roughshod pummel of his thrusts. He grabs her hips to steady her.

Her moans become louder as his pumping intensifies. Oh, but he feels so good. She’s filled in every way she imagines possible – her erotic folds all expanded. His member goes in as deep as he can possibly go, right up to the hungry mouth of her roiling womb. It’s good, hard sex – the kind she is not used to getting often. Her lovers are mostly gentle, a little clumsy and trigger happy.

One of his hands creeps down to the front of her sex.

As he continues to impale her, his fingers grope for her clit. She moans as he begins an oscillatory massage, once again delving into her clefts and igniting her most intimate recesses. His cock strikes a special spot in her passage – one that sends her into a frenzy of enhanced stimulation.

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