By: Ashley Blake

“The girl who encouraged you to contact me?”

“Yes, that’s her. I think you’ll really like her.”

I already liked her because she was so in favor of Jake and I being together. I couldn’t wait to meet her.

“And what about tonight? Anything special planned?” My eyes locked with his as I thought about how I wanted to devour him.

His smoldering dark eyes must have read my mind because he gave me the response I wanted to hear. “Tonight it’s just me and you.”

Butterflies fluttered in my belly and the aching between my legs grew as I thought about what lay ahead for us later that night. We arrived at Jake’s condo a few minutes later and the view from the top was breathtaking. I could see all of Manhattan from his condo and I was in awe. Jake’s penthouse condo was huge and had really cool contemporary furniture. It was exactly what I had imagined his place would look like. He always did have good taste and I felt right at home there.

“I love the way your place is decorated Jake. It totally looks like what I would imagine your place to be. It’s contemporary yet really comfortable.”

“I’m glad you like it. You look perfect in it.”

I smiled at him, feeling as if I was on cloud nine.

"Do you want something to eat or drink?"

"No, I'm okay. Well, maybe I'll have some water."

"Coming right up."

While Jake went to the fridge to get water for me, I stood at his window marveling at the view. He lived in the heart of Manhattan and I could see gorgeous Central Park from his living room. He came back over to me and handed me a glass of water with ice.

"Thanks. I have a question. Why did you decide to live near Central Park instead of the Upper East Side? I thought the Upper East Side was where all of the wealthy people lived."

Jake laughed as his eyes perused my face and he gently pushed my hair behind my shoulder. "People who have money live all over New York. But the Upper East side borders Central park so I am kind of in that neighborhood. The heart of the Upper East Side is too stuffy for me. I like it here. The city is so alive and I like being in the center of the action. There is so much to do here at any time of day or night. You'll see. The city will wrap its arms around you and you won't want to leave."

"Well, I can't wait to explore it with you."

"We should probably turn in because we have a long day ahead of us."

Hmmm. He's not making any moves on me. I decided to flirt openly to give him a clear message that I wanted him. I leaned into him and looked up at him under my lashes.

"Do we have to go right to bed?"

Jake smiled at me and kissed my forehead. "You will be all mine tomorrow night, my love. But tonight, we sleep."

I tried not to pout but I was disappointed. Jake lifted my chin gently with his finger as his eyes searched mine.

"I promise, it will be worth the wait."

The aching between my legs was palpable and I sulked a bit as we got ready for bed. I couldn't wait to be alone with him back in his place the next night. When I crawled into bed with Jake that night, his big strong arms enveloped me, pulled me close to him and his lips gently touched mine.

"I love you Lauren, sleep tight."

The butterflies fluttered away as the sound of his voice comforted me.

"I love you too. Sleep tight."

The next morning I woke to the smell of coffee wafting through Jake's place. I was alone in bed, but I heard Jake in the kitchen and the delicious smell of bacon and eggs made my stomach growl. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to see if he needed any help. He was cooking eggs and as I walked over to him he turned to smile at me.

"Good morning beautiful. How did you sleep?

"Good morning. I slept like a baby, how about you?"

"I slept like a rock. I hope bacon and eggs are okay for breakfast. I can make pancakes also if you like."

Jake had always been an incredible cook. He put me to shame so I used to always let him win if he wanted to cook for us. He enjoyed it so much more than I did and he was so much better at it.

"Bacon and eggs sound perfect. Thanks for making breakfast."

"Well I didn't want to wake you and I figured you'd be starved when you woke up. Come here for a sec."

I went to stand beside him.

"A little closer."

I smiled at him and stood right next to him as he stirred the eggs. "Close enough?"

"Perfect." Jake leaned down to kiss me and then leaned back a little as his gorgeous dark eyes smiled at mine. "Good morning."

I smiled back at him as the fluttering in my belly continued. "Morning."

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast together and then we showered, got dressed and headed out for the day.

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