By: Ashley Blake

“Yeah, Paul is pretty terrific. Well maybe you guys can figure something out with the distance.”

“We’ll see, it’s pretty early. So what do you have planned for the rest of the afternoon?”

“I have to work on a brief that’s due in a couple of weeks so I will be buried in work. You’re going to that apparel conference in L.A., right?”

“Yes, I leave first thing in the morning.”

“I don’t know how you do it Ame, traveling all the time. When do you come back from this one?”

“I’ll be gone for three weeks. I fly to London right after the conference for a meeting with that office and then I’ll be in Paris for another meeting. I’ll be back after your trip to New York so you’ll have to fill me in on everything.”

“Okay, I will. Have a safe trip and try to squeeze in a little fun this time.”

“Thanks mom, I’ll call you when I get back.” Amy giggled as she hung up.

I went into my office and pulled out a couple of the cases I was using as references in my brief and I dove in. Three hours later my eyelids were very heavy so I decided to lie down for a quick 15 minute cat nap. Two hours later I woke up starving so I made chicken parmesan and worked while I nibbled on my dinner. At 9:30 I couldn’t write another word so I washed my face and got ready for bed. I was all tucked in when my phone rang.

“Are you in bed yet?” That deep, sexy voice gave me butterflies every time. I smiled as I answered him.

“Yes, I actually am. I’m exhausted. Are you in bed yet?”

“Yes I am. I’m exhausted also. I just wanted to call and say goodnight. It was great to see you this weekend Lauren. Two weeks can’t go by fast enough for me.”

My belly fluttered at his words. “It was great to see you too. Thanks for coming to Chicago Jake. Hopefully these next two weeks will fly by. I can’t wait to see you again.”

“The feeling is mutual. I love you, sleep tight.”

“I love you too.”

I drifted off to sleep feeling happy and optimistic about us for the first time in a week.


The next two weeks went by in a blur as I buried myself in work to get my brief done on time. It was actually good for me that I had this deadline because it didn’t give me a lot of time to dwell on missing Jake and I didn’t have time to think about the Vivienne situation. I filed my brief with the court that Friday and took the rest of the afternoon off. I went home to pack and while I was choosing the lingerie I would wear, it really hit me that I was going to see Jake in a few hours. I started to think about the dilemma with Vivienne and pushed it out of my mind. I know I was in denial and it was where I preferred to stay. Instead I allowed myself to get excited about seeing Jake again and as I was packing my last items, the phone rang.


“Are you all packed?” That deep, sexy voice flipped my stomach every time.

“I just finished.”

“So this means you filed your brief?”

“Yes, this morning.”

“Good, then we can enjoy a work free weekend. The jet will be waiting for you at 8:00. I will pick you up at the airport. I can’t wait to see you Lauren.”

“I can’t wait to see you too Jake.”

I felt like a giddy teenager as I hopped in the shower to get ready. I made sure my hair and makeup were perfect because I wanted to look really pretty for him. I wore comfortable jeans and a simple t-shirt for the flight. After I was dressed I quickly ate a sandwich and headed out.

The flight was pretty smooth and I felt nervous excitement as we touched down. Jake had a car waiting for me when I got off the jet and I felt disappointed when I didn’t see him anywhere as I walked toward the car. I thought he said he was going to pick me up. Maybe something came up. As the driver opened the back door, I saw Jake’s gorgeous face smiling at me.

I playfully tapped him on the arm and laughed. “You tried to trick me! I wondered where you were.”

Jake laughed as he shielded himself from my playful taps. “I wanted to surprise you. You should have seen your face when you got off the jet, priceless! Come here.”

He gathered me in his arms and placed a gentle kiss on my lips and then pulled back a bit to look at me and smiled. “Hi. I missed you.”

It felt so perfect to be in his arms. I smiled at him. “Hi. I missed you too.” I kissed him on the lips once more and then leaned back and got comfortable in the car. “So what are we doing this weekend.?”

“Tomorrow I thought we would just kind of take in New York with a walk around the city. And tomorrow night we’re having dinner with Joshua and his girlfriend Sarah.”

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