By: Ashley Blake

“Good, I’m glad. Now, here is your breakfast madam, I hope you enjoy my delicious cooking.”

“Thanks for making breakfast Amy, you didn’t have to do that.”

“It’s no big deal. So, what are your plans for the day?”

“Well, I am going to go grocery shopping, unpack, and then do some laundry. I also have brief that is due in a couple of weeks so I have to tackle that. That’s pretty much it. What about you? What are you doing?”

“I am unpacking and then taking a nice, long, hot bath before my date with Paul.”

I almost choked on my food and dropped my fork as I looked at her with bewilderment. “Your what??”

“We have a date tonight, don’t look so surprised.” Her eyes were twinkling as she grinned at me.

She has a date? With Paul? But he’s in Alaska!

“Am I missing something here? Isn’t Paul in Alaska, Amy?”

She was now grinning uncontrollably at me. “Yes he is, we have a phone date.”

“Oh! I thought I was losing it there for a second. I think it is so awesome that you guys reconnected, he’s a great guy.”

“Yeah, he is. We’ll see what happens. Well, I better get going. We both have stuff to do today.”

She grabbed her suitcase and her purse and I walked her to the door. As she reached for the door knob, I stopped her and grabbed her hand. She turned her eyes to meet mine, which were filled with gratitude.

“Amy, thank you so much for helping me to get through this really difficult week. You are the only reason I was able to make it through. I don’t know how I can ever repay you for what you did for me. You are the best friend that anyone could ever hope to wish for, and I am so blessed that you are mine.” I gave her a long hug, so happy and grateful that she had been there for me.

“Aw, you’re welcome Lauren. It’s my job as best friend to pick you up when you’re down. I know you would do the same for me. I’m just happy that you are okay.”

We hugged a few seconds longer and then smiled at each other as I opened the door for her.

“I’ll call you tomorrow, unless you need me before then?”

“I’m okay. Enjoy your date tonight and tell Paul I said hello.”

“Okay, see ya chickadee.”

I smiled at her. “Bye.”


I made a quick call to my mom to let her know that I made it back safely. I decided to unpack before I went grocery shopping and I was just putting my suitcase away when my phone rang. I glanced at the clock and it was a little bit after 12 noon. Mom must have forgotten to tell me something. As I reached for the phone, I noticed that the caller id showed that the call was coming from my lobby.


I heard my doorman’s voice. “You have a delivery Ms. Harper. The delivery man says he needs your signature and will be right up.”

“Thanks John.”

Hmmm. I wonder what this is. Did I order something online and forget about it?

I decided I would sign for my package and then head to the grocery store. I grabbed my purse and was searching for my keys when I heard a knock at the door.

“Just a second!” Where are those damned keys? There you are! My keys had fallen off of the end table onto the floor. I grabbed them and quickly flung open the door, “Sorry to keep you wai…”, and was shocked into silence. Gazing back at me were the dark, beautiful eyes I loved so much. My heart was nearly thumping out of my chest and I was completely parched. I couldn’t even swallow to moisten my throat.

“Jake, wh…wh…what are you doing here?” Is this real? Thank goodness I took time to look presentable this morning!

His tired eyes smiled softly at me. “We had a date. Did you forget? I told you I would be here this Saturday. Can I come in?”

“Oh, I’m sorry! Yes, of course you can come in.”

“Your doorman is a very nice guy. He was worried that you would be upset by my surprise, but I assured him that I would take all of the blame if you were. I hope it’s okay.”

I just stared at him in disbelief, unable to wrap my brain around the fact that he was in my condo.

“Lauren? Are you okay?” The light chuckle in his voice snapped me out of my shocked trance.

My words came slowly. “Sorry, yeah, I’m okay. And of course it’s okay, I’m just surprised to see you.”

He set his bag down near the door and stood looking at me, his hands in his pockets. I started to squirm under his intense gaze and realized I had my purse and keys in my hands. I started to put them down when he gently touched my arm.

“Were you on your way out?

“Oh, I was going to go to the grocery store.”

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