By: Ashley Blake


I felt like I had been punched in the gut as I heard Jake’s words over and over in my head: Vivienne is pregnant. I wanted to scream as I stood there on the dock the week before. I was so upset but I didn’t want to make a spectacle of myself. Jake ended up leaving with Vivienne from Cozumel because she cried hysterically and said she was scared when he said he would come see her and talk with her after the reunion  . Jake and Vivienne left literally an hour after she broke her news to him.

Amy was the only reason I was able to get through the week. I was numb for the next two days and didn’t want to leave the ship. But we went to some really beautiful places and she told me that I would regret it if I didn’t go exploring with everyone, so I went. I actually had a good time since my mind was occupied with exploring new adventures and Adam was being really sweet. He knew how I upset I was and he knew the reason why and he didn’t try to make any moves on me. He was just a supportive friend and I appreciated that. So for a while I was okay. But once I got back to the ship, everywhere I turned, I was reminded of my time with Jake because we had explored nearly every inch of the ship together. I didn’t want to leave my room and I just wanted to be alone to wallow in my sadness. But Amy, God bless her, wouldn’t let me do that.

“Lauren, you need to be around people right now. It’s not good for you to be alone, so please come join us.”

I remember Amy standing in the doorway, hand on her hip, lightly tapping her foot, waiting for me. I knew she wasn’t leaving without me so I reluctantly joined her. And it was Amy doing things like that, which helped me get through the rest of the week.

It was now Friday night, we had just flown in from Miami, and we were all ready for bed. We were sitting on my bed back in Chicago, and I was still in shock over everything that had happened over the past week. Amy decided she was going to spend the night with me just to make sure I was okay.

“How are you doing?” Amy’s concern was so sweet.

“I just can’t believe it Ames. I really can’t. Just when I thought my life was going to be complete, this happens. Jake and I belong together. I can’t believe another woman is carrying his baby. It’s just not fair!” I tried to hold back the tears, but for the umpteenth time that week they flowed down my cheeks.

Amy hugged me and just let me cry. She lightly patted my arm and reassured me that everything was going to be okay.

“Hey, hey, look at me Lauren.”

I lifted my head from her shoulder and turned my weepy eyes to her.

“You guys are going to work this out. I truly believe that you and Jake are destined to be together. You just need to talk to him and see where his head is about all of this.”

“What if he decides to marry her? What will I do?”

Amy gave me a stern look. “Don’t get yourself worried for no reason. Jake wants to be with you Lauren. We all saw it. He’s crazy about you. I don’t think he is just going to throw away the fact that he found you again. Trust me, you guys will figure this out.”

I wanted to believe her, I really did. But in that moment, I felt like things were completely over with me and Jake.

“Well, it’s late and I am exhausted. We should both get some rest and I know you will feel a lot better tomorrow after sleeping in your own bed. Try to get a good night’s sleep Lauren, okay? See you in the morning.” Amy gave me a big hug and then she headed down the hall to my spare bedroom.

I crawled into bed, sad, tired and emotionally exhausted, and drifted off to sleep.

The bright sun, peeking through my blinds, awakened me early the next morning. I lay in bed for a few minutes, with thoughts of Jake running through my mind. This can’t be the end of us. And then I felt a touch of emotional strength. And I can’t continue to mope around here like this, I am stronger than this. With a renewed sense of fortitude, I hopped out of bed, and took a nice long shower. I wore a pretty, but comfortable, black summer dress and flip flops. I took my time curling my hair and applying my makeup so that I looked like some semblance of a woman who had a backbone and wasn’t a blubbering mess.

I heard Amy tinkering around in the kitchen and went to join her.

“Well, well! That’s the Lauren I know and love! It’s nice to have you back.” She teased me but I knew she must have felt relieved to see that I was able to pull myself together. “Do you feel better this morning?”


She raised an eyebrow at me as she was making eggs for us. “Um, let me hear you say it.”

I hesitated and let out a deep sigh and smiled at her. “You were right. I do feel better this morning and it was good to sleep in my own bed.”

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