Dance for the Billionaire

By: Jewel Moore

He would sell them to any developer other than Russell, though.

“This is the woman I wanted you to see.” Russell’s eager voice penetrated Dominic’s thoughts. He blinked and focused on the woman on the stage.

His breath caught as he watched her start to move. She was magnificent. Short, straight hair framed her beautiful, oval face and large, dark eyes gazed coolly out at the crowd. Her smooth, dark skin glistened as she moved effortlessly in four-inch heels which added to her already taller-than-average height and made her long legs look endless.

All Dominic could think of was having those legs wrapped around his waist.

Unlike the other dancers, she didn’t jump up onto the pole, but occasionally used it as a prop. It somehow gave her act a sophistication he wouldn’t have expected in a strip club.

He had seen Grace Jones perform the song live during her Hurricane Tour 2009 at Paradiso, Amsterdam while he was there on business and had admired her incredible athleticism for a woman of sixty. Grace had engaged her fans, enticing them with her sexy moves; this dancer moved like the music originated from inside her body and yet she was coolly aloof, alluring and strangely innocent all at the same time.

It was the most erotic thing Dominic had ever seen in his life. He was certain that every man in the room was aroused to some degree. He was definitely sporting wood. He needed to get some action soon—with one thing or another, it was over a month since he’d last had any.

The dancer turned and all the men in the room groaned at the sight of her apple-shaped bumper which looked as though it could just about park a long, black limousine. When she bent over, Dominic tore his eyes away from her delectable bottom and sought her gaze.

Their eyes connected as she smacked the rounded left cheek of her behind and Dominic almost came.

He grimaced and shifted in his chair, trying to find some comfort within the confines of his trousers for his sudden, rampant erection.


Chantelle let her eyes roam over the men in the club, praying as usual that no one from the university was among them. She wasn’t worried about fellow students—it was unlikely that any of them could afford the pricey membership fee, but lecturers with their greater disposable incomes were a definite threat. Heaven help her if Professor Baines walked in and saw her on stage! He had unashamedly hit on her since her freshman year and wouldn’t be above resorting to a little blackmail if he had anything he could hold over her head. What she was doing wasn’t illegal, but if word got back to the university it could well put paid to the First Class Honors she was hoping to achieve on graduation less than six months away.

Initially she hadn’t been concerned, assuming that most of the club’s members would be leery, older men who liked to gawk at naked young women. Once she’d begun working, she’d realized how upscale the clientele was—actors, footballers and even members of parliament. She’d almost quit on her first night when she’d realized how wrong her assumption had been, but by then it had been too late—she’d already quit her supermarket job.

She needn’t have worried, though. Except for one drunken footballer cursing and demanding if they knew who the hell he was as Colin and two bouncers assisted him out of the club when Chantelle refused him a lap dance, she hadn’t been bothered by anyone in the nine weeks she’d been working at the club.

Bending over, she slapped her behind gently—she’d learned the hard way that it stung like a bee when she had done it too enthusiastically on her first night—and had a good look at the crowd through her parted legs.

Usually the men were too busy looking at her behind to make eye contact. Tonight was no different. Except for the tall, powerfully-built man seated at the table closest to the stage.

Their eyes connected and for a moment Chantelle forgot to breathe.

No man could be that perfectly handsome!

It had to be because she was upside down, she realized and smiled as she automatically righted herself and spun to face forward again, all without missing a beat.

Oh God!

He was even better looking the right side up! And he was staring at her as though he’d been starved for months and she was the first morsel of food he’d come across.

She continued her routine by sheer instinct, her heart thumping against her ribcage. It wasn’t possible that he could be as affected by her as she was him…and yet he seemed shell shocked, too. She had always scoffed at the concept of ‘love at first sight’. Heck, she hardly believed in ‘lust at first sight’, but something weird had happened when their eyes had connected and even now she couldn’t pull her gaze away.

Her heart kept up its erratic beat, as if it wanted to break free and run to him where it belonged…or run as far away as possible before he enslaved it., she thought fancifully as she finally dragged her eyes away, bowed and left the stage.

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