Captured and Bred by the Billionaire

By: Violet Savage

“Maybe I should. This is crazy.” She backed away from him, easing into the living room. “You don’t own me.” His eyes narrowed and he lurched forward, grabbing her wrists in his strong hands. Trying to twist away, she let out a gasp when he tightened his grip and pulled her naked body close to his.

“But I have you here, and you know you want to stay.” Adam forced her down to her knees. She looked up at him helplessly, cheeks flushed with rage as her tiny hand throbbed while clenched in his fist. “We’re done talking.”

He undid his pants, exposing his giant erection. Now eye level with it, Leah marveled at the size of the thing that had almost fucked her in half a few hours ago. He pushed it toward her face and she pulled backwards, but her nipples hardened. He grabbed a hold of her hair and pushed himself against her lips. “If you’re disobedient, I’ll have to send you back.”

Leah parted her lips and took the head inside her tiny mouth. He let out a groan, shoving it in deeper while she went to work on it with her tongue. She hated to admit it to herself, but it always drove her crazy when a man was forceful in bed. Adam had taken this to a whole new level and although she was furious, she couldn’t wait for him to have his way with her again. His thick cock inside her mouth was heaven and she worked her way down the length of it, her jaw straining to open wide enough around the girth. The tip pushed against the back of her throat and it was just over halfway inside, so she gripped the shaft with her hand. Her fingers weren’t long enough to wrap around him so she used her other hand to complete the circle and began sucking him wildly.

She didn’t want to go home. She didn’t like how he’d basically kidnapped and enslaved her, but the thought of going back was more terrifying. So she showed him how grateful she was with every slurp as she worked her head and hands back and forth as fervently as she could. His breathing got heavier and he tightened his grip on her hair, pushing his dick further inside of her when she thought she was as far down as she could go. He started fucking her mouth while both his hands pulled on her hair. Leah concentrated on keeping her mouth open wide enough so that her teeth would only barely graze him as he took the pleasure she couldn’t give him on her own.

When his rhythm slowed, she picked up the slack, sucking the firm head and flicking it rapidly with her tongue. Her mouth made a vacuum around him while he groaned in pleasure and pumped it back inside of her for a few greedy thrusts before jerking her head back and withdrawing. Leah looked up at him confused and he pulled her upright, lifting her effortlessly into her arms and running her up the stairs. Once inside the bedroom, he tossed her onto the bed and hastily removed his unbuttoned pants. Throwing himself on top of her, he once again gripped her hair and clamped his mouth onto hers as she spread her legs open.

Her pussy was swollen from being impaled on his thickness only hours before, but it throbbed with lust and was dripping in anticipation. She let out a screech as he bored into the sore channel in his frenzy, his mouth kissing her neck in an attempt to soothe her body from the shock of his impatience. Hands roamed through her hair and she spread her legs wider as fire ripped through her body with each savage thrust. Her arms were free this time to wrap around his neck to hang on while he hammered into her hot flesh. Dark eyes locked with hers while she drank in the pleasure he was forcing inside of her. Bucking against him, all traces of burning fell away as he fucked her rapidly and her body melted into his. Adam released her hair and his hands made their way down to her hips, holding her steady as she began to writhe uncontrollably in ecstasy. She called out his name as convulsions over took her and she pulled her self against his solid body, her face pressing against his flexing chest while she rode the waves of fiery bliss. Falling down against the soft mattress she looked up at him through blurred vision while he rode her, fucking her faster and harder until he finally erupted inside of her. Firm hands gripped her hips and he pushed himself deep, holding her on his cock until he was sure he was finished.

Lifting her hips, he exited gradually and kept her pelvis raised as he propped her up with a pillow under her ass. Leah smiled as he folded her legs against her chest, and swaddled her with a sheet before collapsing beside her. She would give whatever he wanted, even it if was her womb. Sliding his arm beneath her neck, his body encircled her and the drifted off to sleep, the sounds of the jungle echoing in her ears.

She awoke in the morning as the first hint of light crept into the sky. A smile crossed her face as she crawled out of her cocoon, the sound of a thousand birds calling her to come outside. Scampering across the balcony, she leaned far over the railing as her heart raced with excitement. Adam awoke and stumbled out after her, rubbing the sleep from his eyes while he watched her, laughing at her childlike glee. She started to make her way down the stairs off the deck when he stopped her and her heart sank into her stomach. He kissed her forehead and pushed a bundle of cloth into her arms.

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