Captured and Bred by the Billionaire

By: Violet Savage

Leah looked down and that it was clothes, real clothes with boots and everything. He told her that although she wouldn’t be allowed to wear anything inside the house, it just wasn’t safe to wander around the forest naked. Throwing her arms around his neck, she kissed his sleepy face and hastily pulled on the pants and shirt he’d given her, barely taking time to sloppily tie on her shoes before she bounded down the stairs.

Morning was her favorite time of day and she drank it in as she wandered around the homestead. Adam called out to her to wait for him before wandering into the jungle, and she passed the minutes watching the butterflies dance on the flowers. When he appeared, his eyes were still tired but he feigned alertness as he pulled two ripe bananas off of a tree and handed one to her. It was the best tasting fruit she’d ever had and she munched it joyfully as she looked up at the mist rising off of the trees, glimpsing a group of monkeys as they swung through the branches.

Adam led her to the opposite side of the clearing, telling her about the trail he put in for her specifically for the morning walks he knew she’d want to take while the birds were the most active. She was so excited she had to keep from jumping up and down as they walked along hand in hand, stopping occasionally so she could look through the binoculars he’d brought. He listened intently as Leah went on about the mating habits of toucans and dietary mineral requirements of the macaws. As the birds quieted, they made their way back to the house of breakfast. When they got to the clearing Leah heard a familiar bark and a golden retriever ran towards her, wagging his tail wildly.

“Bandit?” she called out as the dog leapt on top of her and they spilled to the ground. “What are you doing here? I thought you were lost.”

“I knew you’d want him here with you.” Adam looked down at her with a smile and offered her a hand as she got up from the ground. She stared at him in disbelief as he bent down to pet the excited dog. Although she knew she should be angry, she couldn’t help but be touched by his effort to make this transition as easy as possible. He walked over to her, kissing her tenderly and scooped her into his arms. Leah laid her head happily against his shoulder as he carried her back inside the house, where she immediately took off her clothes before sitting down for breakfast.

After they were done eating, he gave her a strange smelling tea and told her to drink the whole cup. It tasted awful but she obeyed, choking down the last drops. He explained that it was a local indigenous recipe that would increase the chance of conception. Motioning her to get out of her chair, he pulled her into his arms and she folded her legs around his waist. His head dipped down and his lips found one of her nipples while his hands groped her ass. Carrying her up the stairs, he suckled her breasts as they made their way back to the bedroom.

It had been four days since Leah had arrived in the jungle and she was finally getting used to the strict breeding schedule. Although she was allowed her morning walk, she had to spend the rest of the day in bed. She drank that disgusting tea after each breakfast before Adam brought her upstairs for their first session. He was very attentive in his lovemaking but quite firm with what he wanted from her. She figured she must have had more sex in the last few days than she’d had in the last few years and probably more orgasms than she’d ever had in her life.

Leah lay there in bed, waiting for Adam to come to her. They had taken a nap after their walk this morning and were getting a late start that day. She enjoyed the first time the best because that was the only time he allowed her to be on top. Her pussy was also as rested as it was permitted to get, so the swelling was down, making it easier to accommodate his monster of a cock. Rolling over on the bed, she stared at the bedroom door and wondered what was taking him so long.

He was determined to conceive this first month and doing everything possible to make sure it happened. Every morning he unfolded her took her temperature vaginally and she wasn’t allowed to move until he was done. He was using every technological option available. There was a doctor on call that was living in one of the smaller cabanas who examined her daily and subjected her to various test to predict ovulation. She explained the stress of the abduction might thwart Adam’ plans, but he pushed forward, keeping Leah on a rigid schedule. She’d been abducted just after her period had ended, so he was hopeful that there would be enough time.

In addition to getting the best medical treatment available, Adam had also sought advice from a tribal shaman and was quite superstitious while designing his routine. In addition to the tea, Leah had to have a full body herbal massage every evening. It was quite relaxing and erotic since he did it himself and always insisted it ended with her orgasming yet again beneath his flicking tongue. She also had to eat a lot more than she was used to, which was her only objection to the process but she kept that to herself. He was insistent that he came inside her in several specific positions and had been fucking her 3 times a day so far. It would soon be increased to 4 since she was entering her most fertile time. She was getting exhausted from his demands and he had only just begun.

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