All That He Wants

By: Olivia Thorne

“Screw it,” I breathed. “Let’s go.”

Connor burst into an enormous grin.

He turned to the car by the curb and opened the rear door.

I had thought it was a taxi, or – actually, no, I hadn’t been thinking about it at all. I’d been too wrapped up in kissing Connor, and then in worrying about whether I should go with him or not.

So when I saw a black Bentley – apparently some sort of limo, since it was shorter than a stretch, but longer than a regular sedan – I was a little bit thrown, to say the least.

I looked over at Connor. He seemed incredibly pleased with himself as he opened the back door for me.

“What the hell is this?” I asked in shock.

“Just get in.”

This guy wasn’t just some mid-level executive at a consulting firm. Mid-level executives didn’t normally tool around in Bentley limos.

Who is he?

A stranger. A man I hardly knew.

I could feel the fear rise in me… but then I remembered his touch up in the penthouse. The way he had kissed me.

And the fear dissolved.

Who is he, though?

I didn’t know… but more than anything, I wanted to find out.

And I wanted what we’d shared up in the penthouse.

Again and again, as much as I could get, in whatever time we had left.

I stepped into the car, Connor got in after me, and he closed the door behind us.

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