Billion Dollar Baby Bundle 2

By: Simone Holloway

“Promise you’ll start looking at decorating the baby’s room?” he asked.

Selene nodded her head. Ethan removed the hand covering her mouth and kissed her. The kiss started out slow and intimate, then quickly escalated. Their tongues volleyed against one another. They shared a common neglected hunger for affection: a need they set out to fill with each other’s bodies.

Ethan jumped on the bed. He hovered over Selene, afraid to put pressure on her pregnant belly. Selene laughed at how delicately he treated her.

To remind him she wasn’t as fragile as she looked, she grabbed his shoulders and pushed him onto his back. In truth, she wasn’t that strong. Ethan could have easily resisted her, but he enjoyed indulging her playful aggression.

He rolled over and eagerly waited for her to mount him. Selene wasted no time. She straddled his prone body, her legs spread wide over him.

“Take off your nightgown,” Ethan said.

“No, I’m a whale.” Since discovering she was pregnant Selene had become self-

conscious of her body. The thought of being naked in front of Ethan made the blood rush to her face in embarrassment.

“You’re beautiful. Don’t talk like that.” Ethan rubbed her thighs slowly until she relaxed.

Then he pulled her nightgown up around her belly and ran his hands over her tight round stomach. “Beautiful,” he repeated.

Selene took the gown and pulled it over her head, leaving her completely exposed. She looked down at her full figure. Her body had become foreign to her: her full breasts, her bowed expansive stomach: she was all curves.

Ethan ran his hands over her breasts. Her nipples had changed color to a deep red. At first Selene found this disturbing, but now she thought they looked inviting like Maraschino cherries. She wanted Ethan to run his tongue over them and bite into the milky flesh of her breasts. With that thought fresh in mind, she settled down onto Ethan’s cock.

There was something about sex in the morning that felt special to Selene: waking up warm and comfortable, the stress of the day ahead feeling distant and insignificant. It allowed her to focus on his body and her own without distraction.

His skin was warm and lightly tanned. Small droplets of sweat dotted his chest. Selene could smell the musky scent of sweat radiating off Ethan’s body. It mingled together nicely with the feint hint of sex from the night before. The aroma aroused her.

She took Ethan’s cock in hand and positioned herself over it.

The muscles of his abdomen clenched in anticipation. He slid inside her easily.

At first she moved in slow concentric circles. She wanted to feel every inch of his thick cock.

Ethan let Selene take the lead. He matched her speed, moving in time with her body, only breaking rhythm occasionally to thrust once hard into her. The jolt would send Selene into fits of giggles.

Feeling tempted by his commanding thrusts, Selene increased her speed.

Their moans echoed through the silent home.

Ethan fucked her high and hard. Even in their frenzied state they maintained a kind of symmetry. Their bodies moved in time together. Each had an instinct for the other’s sexual needs and desires. It was the one area of their relationship without complication or complaint and when they came together Selene felt a long welcome peace.

They laid in bed side-by-side. Ethan rubbed her belly and laughed as he felt it kick.

“How about John?” he said.

“How about him?” Selene said facetiously.

“I meant as a name for the baby.”

“What if it’s a girl?” she asked, amused by his insistence that the baby was a boy.

He thought for a moment. His face turned serious. “My grandmother’s name was

Penelope. She was the only one in the family that was ever really good to me.”

Selene ran her fingers through Ethan’s hair. “Penny would be nice.”

He smiled at her ruefully in an effort to change the subject. “Of course, it’ll be a boy so…”

Selene hit him with a pillow. Ethan responded by tickling her, which sent her into another fit of laughter.

“We’ll know soon enough,” he said. “While you were sleeping I called Dr. Graham. He said he’d come by this afternoon.”

“Good,” she said and pulled the covers over their heads.

Dr. Graham was a tall, middle-aged man with glasses and dark hair that was just graying at the temples. Selene thought he was quite handsome and under different circumstances she might have flirted with him. She wondered if he was married. What was the life of a doctor’s wife like, she thought. Long nights alone, boring charity galas, still better than living under the constant threat of death. Selene shook the idea out of her head. She loved Ethan, for better or worse.

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