Billion Dollar Baby Bundle 2

By: Simone Holloway

Ethan held Selene’s hips. Finding entrance, he moved quickly to fill the warm, wet space between her legs. He groaned as he entered her. Selene thought she could feel the vibration of his voice echo down to her bones.

He kept a relentless pace, moving in and out of her. She already felt as if she was climaxing. One of the only benefits of out of control hormones was that she tended orgasm quickly, even when she was pleasuring herself. Her libido was on a hair trigger.

Selene reached around Ethan and grabbed his ass. It was rounder and harder than it had been at their last sexual encounter. She loved his body before, but now it was sculpted like a work of art.

Selene regretted having not turned the lights on so she could properly see it. Patience, she thought: later.

Squeezing Ethan’s ass, she pulled him towards her, encouraging him on. Just as Ethan released her hips and began massaging her breasts Selene climaxed. Ethan wasn’t finished yet though.

Driving his cock faster and harder inside her, he clung to her desperately. It reminded Selene of their first fateful sexual encounter. This time however, Selene felt as if he was trying to reconnect, to merge their bodies and souls as one.

This act of making love felt more meaningful to Selene than any of the words spoken between them in the last few months. She felt tears come to her eyes.

Ethan lay behind her, spent. His arm still held her tightly as if she were his anchor, or was he hers, she wondered.

She ran her fingers over his soft hand and closed her eyes. She wanted to enjoy the silence and the feel of his strong masculine arms protectively wrapped around her. It was the fist moment of peace she had experienced since meeting Ethan.

When she opened her eyes it was morning. She hadn’t meant to fall asleep. She felt beside her: Ethan was gone. The sound of a sharp intake of air like someone in pain startled her.

Selene’s head snapped around towards the noise. She expected the worst: Ethan under attack, a hidden assailant, new, unknown dangers. What she saw was Ethan suspended in mid air in front of a large window.

Early morning light poured through the glass, hurting her eyes. Selene blinked and squinted her eyes. Ethan was breathing hard, his body moved up and down in the air. It was then she noticed a bar hung across the top of the window frame.

Another pained grunt escaped Ethan’s mouth as he continued his pull-ups. Selene smiled: for once she was greeted with a pleasant surprise.

She laid silent determined not to disturb Ethan’s workout. His back was to her. Selene couldn’t help marveling at how his once lean, toned frame had been transformed into the hard-muscled body of an athlete.

He exercised in the nude. A bead of sweat ran down his neck over his large shoulders and down his back.

The bizarre geometric tattoo he sported on his back caught her eye. As his muscles flexed and strained the shape seemed to moved and twist. It made Selene uncomfortable.

She cleared her throat. Ethan let go of the bar and turned to face her. The smile, absent from his face for months, had returned again.

He walked to the bed, leaned over her an whispered, “Good morning.” He kissed her lips softly, then moved down over belly. He whispered, “Good morning,” again, this time to their unborn baby. He kissed her belly lightly.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked as he rose to his feet.

“Mmm,” Selene murmured as she yawned and stretched her arms.

In a motion similar to Selene’s, Ethan stretched his arms above his head, then fell straight down to the floor. Bracing against the impact by landing on the palm of his hands, Ethan hit the floor hard.

Curious, Selene peaked over the bed. He was doing push-ups. His body was so straight it looked stream-lined as he moved up and down on the floor. Selene rested her head on her hand and watched.

“I’ve been thinking…” she began.


Selene threw a pillow at him. “As I was saying, I’ve been thinking and I’ve changed my mind.”

“About what?”

“About knowing the sex of the baby. Can we have Dr. Graham come to the house and do an ultrasound?”

Ethan stopped. He rose to his knees.

Brushing the hair out of her face, he ran his fingers around her ear, down her jaw line and over her lips. “Of course. And I want you to start decorating the baby’s room.”


Ethan kept his finger over her lips. Selene had been hesitant to start a room for the baby.

The events of the past few months had left her paranoid and a bit superstitious. She couldn’t stop thoughts of ‘what if?’ What if they were attacked and she miscarried? What if there was something wrong with the baby? And her worst what if: What if something happened to Ethan?

Distancing herself from him had been a defense mechanism, she knew that now. She thought that is she could stay away from Ethan her love for him would wane, but that hadn’t worked. And now staring into his eyes she realized how foolish she’d been. Life was short. They should take advantage of every second they could together.

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