Billion Dollar Baby Bundle 2

By: Simone Holloway

It happened in the middle of the night. She was startled out of a dreamless sleep. She sat straight up in bed, convinced someone was in the room.

After the events in Ethan’s Victorian mansion, Selene had wanted to go on the run. She begged Ethan to come away with her, to fly to Europe or Mexico, but he refused. He insisted on staying and fighting head on. It had become an issue of pride with him.

Someone had attacked his girl and his unborn child. He couldn’t let them get away with it.

They retreated to his mansion in the hills. Ethan fortified the house and brought in

‘trusted’ men. Selene wasn’t sure why Ethan trusted them, she suspected Ethan paid them well or had dirt on them. Blackmail and bribery were his preferred business methods, she’d come to learn.

So, they hunkered down and waited to be attacked, but the attack never came. After a while, Selene grew comfortable; Ethan grew restless. The security team lurked the perimeter of the house, reported to Ethan, and Selene supposed, kept them safe.

Months had passed and instead of growing closer, she and Ethan had grown apart. Then came the night she was woken from her sleep by the baby’s kicking. Her eyes darted across the room looking for an intruder, but the room was empty. She thought at first it had been her imagination, then it happened again.

She put her hands to her belly and jumped out of bed. Without thinking, she ran down the hall and burst into Ethan’s room. He sprung out of bed as if he hadn’t been sleeping. All he was wearing were his boxers. Even in the dark Selene could see his muscles tense and bulge. They’d grown bigger since the last time she’d seen him naked: he’d been working out.

He looked as if he was ready to attack. Given the degree of stress they were under, she belatedly realized that she should’ve knocked first before entering.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” he asked.

When he moved closer, Selene could see a gun in his hand. Was he sleeping with it under his pillow, she wondered. In truth, she was too happy to care. She took Ethan’s free hand and placed it over her belly. He raised an eyebrow out at her quizzically.

“Just wait,” she said.

On cue, the baby kicked. Ethan laughed. It was the first time she’d seen him happy since before the bloody business at the Victorian house.

“He’s strong,” Ethan said.

“How do you know it’s a boy?”

A doctor had been to the house to examine her, but she had decided to keep the sex of the baby a surprise.

“Boys run in the family.”

“Do they?”

An awkward silence fell between them: this was the most they’d spoken in a month.

Ethan pulled his hand away. The smile on his face began to fade. Selene grabbed his hand and held it to her belly. She took a step towards him and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Ethan stared at her, unsure how to react.

“Can I sleep with you?” Selene whispered.

Ethan nodded and led her to the bed. He set the gun on the nightstand, then pulled back the covers. Selene crawled in and laid on her side. She was getting big and it was uncomfortable for her to sleep on her back. Ethan laid down beside her and pulled the covers over them. He wrapped his arm around her and snuggled in close.

“I’ve missed this,” he said, kissing her neck.

Selene wondered if he was thinking about nights in bed with his wife. Territorially, she took Ethan’s hand and moved it over her breast. They were full and swollen, much bigger than the last time he had felt them.

His hand cupped her breast and squeezed greedily. Since becoming pregnant her nipples had become extremely sensitive. When Ethan’s fingers stroked them Selene felt a tickling sensation spread through her breasts and down her body.

Selene giggled. Embarrassed, she covered her mouth with her hand, but once she started she couldn’t stop; she felt like a school girl.

“I’ve never heard you giggle before,” Ethan said.

Selene reached around and slapped his ass. “Don’t make fun.”

“Yes ma’am,” Ethan replied playfully.

He buried his face in her neck, kissing her flesh and biting her earlobe. Selene’s giggles turned to moans. Her nipples weren’t the only part of her to become super sensitive since falling pregnant. Her whole body felt like a live wire; the slightest provocation would set her off. Ethan’s lips on her neck was enough to make her wet.

Selene arched her back, grinding her ass into his crotch. She felt his cock grow hard. She pulled her nightgown up. Ethan removed her underwear.

Laying on their sides, Selene’s back to Ethan’s front, they moved hungrily. It had been a long time since either of them had felt the touch of the other; neither was interested in playing games.

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