Billion Dollar Baby Bundle 2

By: Simone Holloway

“Before you get your money,” Selene said cynically.

Ethan paused. “That too.”

“It’s what they’re after, isn’t it?”

“The money? Yes, that’s usually what it comes down to.” Ethan sounded defeated, or maybe just resigned to their situation, Selene couldn’t tell.

She placed her hand on his chest, then pulled it away quickly. His shirt was covered in blood and dirt. “Take it off.”

Ethan sat up and pulled his shirt off. Selene laid back against him and ran her fingers over his chest. A small amount of dried blood matted his hair.

“Are you hurt anywhere else?” she asked.

“No, just my head and my ribs.”

“Sorry,” she said, sitting up.

“No, you’re fine.” Ethan pulled her back down on top of him.

Selene ran her hands over his chest. Feelings of loneliness and fear played at the corner of her mind, threatening to consume her. Thoughts of the dark water and blinding sun flashed through her head; she didn’t want to go back to that place.

She moved her hand down lower, over Ethan’s abs. Being close to him gave her a small amount of comfort: his warmth, his strong arms, despite the situation she felt safe with him.

It occurred to her this was a significant change from times past. In the beginning, she feared Ethan and his secrets, now she couldn’t run to him fast enough. Maybe he was right to keep quiet about his life she thought. The less she knew the less valuable she was to these people. She grimaced when she remembered how she had trusted Ms. Miller.

Without thinking, Selene moved her hand down inside Ethan’s pants. He jumped, startled by her intimate touch. Selene didn’t care if he was in the mood or not, she needed him.

She stroked his cock quickly. It grew hard in her hand. Maybe he is in the mood, she thought.

Ethan’s pulse quickened. Selene could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

She removed her hand from his pants and unzipped them. Hastily she undressed. They hadn’t heard or seen their captors in hours, but she had no way of knowing when they would be back. Selene left her shirt on, for fear of being seen completely naked by the guards.

After taking off her pants she climbed on top of Ethan. Closing her eyes, she lowered herself onto his cock. The pleasant feeling of floating in the clear water returned. It was as if she’d found her center. She remembered the sensation of the slowly lapping water and moved against Ethan in the same soothing rhythm.

A moan escaped from somewhere deep inside her. Faintly, she heard Ethan echo her own pleasure. His moan was deep and low with a rough timbre that seemed to reverberate through her bones.

The feeling of being dragged away by the tide returned. She moved her hips faster, taking his cock deep inside her. She felt like she was racing against an unknown force. Chills raced up her spine. Selene moaned again, loud enough for the guards to hear, but she didn’t care. She felt herself reach an apex.

She was on the verge of coming when Ethan grabbed her hips. It was an innocent gesture, but she was instantly reminded of the hand pulling her down into the depths. Selene’s eyes shot open like she was waking from a nightmare. She pushed Ethan’s hands away and jumped off of him. She pulled her pants on and began pacing the room.

“Christ, what’s the matter with you?” Ethan said.

The cell door opened. Ethan was on his feet within a second, but the guards were faster.

One of them had Selene by the arm and was pulling her out of the room. The other two were restraining Ethan as he vainly tried to save Selene. After pulling out a night stick and hitting Ethan, Selene agreed to go peacefully as long as they didn’t hurt Ethan. The guards exchanged a look. The one with the night stick shrugged and threw Ethan to the floor. The last thing Selene saw as the guard led her out of the room was Ethan pinned to the ground and bleeding.

Selene was led down a maze of corridors, before finally being left in a room. The room was identical to the one she and Ethan had been held in except this one contained a table and two chairs.

Selene walked the perimeter of the room. She felt like a caged animal. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps and laughter stopped her dead in her tracks. The voices were coming from above her. It sounded like someone was having a party. She pressed her ear to the wall and heard a woman giggling and glasses clinking. What is this place, she wondered.

The door behind her opened. A tall man with a crew cut entered. “Please, sit,” he said, it came out more as a command than a request.

He looked like a soldier. Selene guessed he was a man used to having his orders obeyed.

Deciding to play along, she sat quickly. He took the seat across from her at the table. He placed his hands on the table and smiled.

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