Owned by the Billionaire

By: Lacy Dae

The towel I'd gone to bed with was on the floor, and I snatched it up, wrapping it around myself with trembling hands. My thoughts were a jumbled mess and I babbled off the first thing that came to mind. "I need clothes." As the bright light glinted off the metal shackles circling my wrists, I added. "And that key."

Miles sat up slowly, the covers falling to his waist. A handsome man in his late thirties, he was trim and fit, his thick dark hair just starting to silver at the temples. I looked away, ashamed at the surge of lust that flickered though me. An awkward silence built, as he frowned thoughtfully at me and I avoided his eyes, staring at the bedspread instead.

"Why?" His deep voice was oddly gentle. But his question baffled me. Was he joking? Taken aback, I met his eyes, searching for some hint of amusement. He seemed serious. He swung his feet off the bed and stood, totally naked and completely unbothered by it. I looked away, blushing hotly.

"So I can go home?" My voice quavered with unshed tears. In the broad light of day, our encounter the previous night was revealed as the shameful, cheap transaction it really was. I'd prostituted myself to this man, exchanging my very first sexual encounter for cold hard cash. Self-disgust flooded through me, leaving me feeling nauseous and dirty. Wrapping my arms around myself, I turned my back to the bed. He was a genius, a self-made man, respected around the world for his intellect and business sense, and I was a whore. I wanted to run and hide.

I jerked with surprise as his arms wrapped around me in a comforting hug. "Darling. You know you can't leave yet." Dumbfounded, I turned in his arms to stare at him. He smiled and tapped my nose. "You're still a virgin."

I pulled back, mouth open. "What? No, we had sex." He tightened his grip on me, trying to cuddle me in close, but I resisted, glaring at him. "We did have sex! Last night! Right there!" I gestured widely at the bed, as those I needed to provide proof. As though he had just forgotten!

He sighed and met my eyes, his expression practically dripping sympathy for my lack of understanding. I scowled back, and he shook his head at me. "Alright, yes, we did have sex." I opened my mouth and he raised a finger. "But you are still a virgin! Your hymen is intact."

"My..? But-but.." I sputtered and he hushed me, one finger across my lips.

"The contract was very specific, darling. As long as your hymen is intact, you belong to your buyer." Utterly dismayed, I stared at him. Was that what it had said? I had skimmed over the sex part, not wanting to think too much about what I was agreeing too, and mostly focused on the safety precautions. He smiled at me, smugly pleased, and I wanted to hit him. Perhaps sensing my anger, he released me and stepped back quickly.

"Go take a shower. I'll arrange for some clothes and we'll have breakfast." He raised a gentle hand to my face, a tender brush that made me tremble. "It will be alright, darling."

Grabbing a sheet and wrapping it around himself, he headed for the door. I stood frozen in place, torn between my need to escape and a deep yearning to spend more time with this puzzling, changeable man. Just before he reached the door, I found my voice again.

"Why did you buy yourself a virgin?" He surely didn't need to pay for sex!

He paused, keeping his back to me, then turned and smiled. "I didn't, darling. You were a gift." His smile faltered and he looked troubled, meeting my eyes searchingly. "From my ex-wife."

We stared at each other for a long moment, before he turned and left the room without another word.

Sold to the Billionaire

The hot water stung my poor bruised ass, but I didn't care. I scrubbed myself viciously, as though the sweetly-scented bubbles could erase my shame and fear. But the metal bands still circling my wrists and ankles were physical proof of the trap I was caught in. Oh God , what do I do now?

Out of desperation, I had sold myself, agreeing to trade cold hard cash for my virginity. The virgin auction had been a frightening experience, a blur of bright lights and harsh sounds, but nowhere near as terrifying as what had come afterwards. Hooded and chained, I'd been driven to a mansion and shoved into a dimly lit bedroom. He'd been waiting for me there, a dark-eyed stranger. My buyer. My owner.

I'd never known anyone like him. He'd been both tender and cruel, shifting easily between teasingly sweet kisses and painful punishments. He'd taken perverse pleasure in 'correcting' me, and my ass still ached from the spanking I'd received. To my shocked surprise, though, submitting to his wicked desires had aroused me. Just the memory of his firm blows on my ass made me squirm, my pussy throbbing in renewed lust.

I'd expected him to fuck me that night, to claim his purchased virginity, and he had. To my surprise, he'd sank his hard cock deep into my ass instead of my pussy. The pain-edged pleasure of his sinful penetration had given me my very first orgasm, even as he spilled his seed deep inside my clenching body. I slept in his arms afterwards, exhausted by passion, but in the harsh light of morning the hot lust shifted to soul-searing shame. Our depraved bargain had been fulfilled and so I asked to leave, desperate to escape the overwhelming emotions tearing me apart.

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