Owned by the Billionaire

By: Lacy Dae

My asshole burned as it was stretched, but once more the fiery pain transformed into a sharp-edged pleasure. I shoved harder against his hand as a desperate tension began to grow inside of me, panting for breath. He responded by thrusting more forcefully, sinking his fingers deeply into my ass with each gliding stroke. His free hand rubbed gentle circles on my back, a confusing bit of tenderness, even as his fingers sank roughly into my loosened asshole, shoved in as far as they'd go again and again, bruisingly deep. I quivered and shook under him as the muscles of my legs and belly tightened, clenching from the twisted pleasure filling me.

He suddenly pulled his fingers completely out of my ass, leaving me empty and moaning with need. Then he tugged on my hips, raising me to my knees before him. He pulled me back against him and I felt the broad head of his cock press the tight ring his fingers had loosened. His cock felt huge, much larger than the fingers it was attempting to replace, and I shuddered in sudden fear. "Try to relax, darling."

The firm head of his cock shoved against my asshole, the closed ring resisting the growing pressure until it painfully gave way. I gasped as the head of his cock suddenly sank into my ass, stretching the tender flesh as never before. The burning pain of his intrusion drowned any chance of pleasure, and I clawed at the sheets, panting. Ignoring my whimpers, he shoved his cock deeper into me, inch by inch, until he had fully sheathed his hard cock in my aching ass.

He paused there for a long moment, hands comfortingly rubbing my back as I sobbed for breath, nearly in tears from the searing pain. Gradually it faded into a dull ache, an uncomfortable feeling of fullness. I made a tentative motion to pull free of him, in the dim hope that he was done, but he chuckled, his hands on my hips holding me still. "We're not finished yet, darling."

He slowly slid his cock out of me, before sinking it deeply back into my ass. I clenched around him reflexively, and he shuddered, gasping. "Easy, darling." As he stroked in and out of my throbbing asshole, gradually gaining speed, the dull ache of his cock stretching me transformed into pleasure. Each thrust sent a wave of sharp-edged sensation through me, tension once again knotting in my core. It built more quickly this time, tightening my body around his pounding dick as I moaned and shoved my ass against him, urging him to fuck me harder.

He reached one arm around me, jamming a rough finger against my clit. I gasped as pure pleasure rippled out from that grinding contact. The coiling pleasure inside of me tightened even further, leaving me nearly crazed with desperation. He fucked me roughly, slamming his cock into me faster and faster, his finger on clit pulsing in time. I clawed at the sheets, moaning and panting, until one last thrust of his cock into my shuddering ass finally fractured the knotted tension inside of me.

I froze, gasping, as an intense wave of pleasure swept through me, wiping away all thought and reason, whiting out my mind. Rippling aftershocks followed that first surge, repeated lesser peaks that left me moaning, my legs and feet tingling in their wake. He groaned too as my ass clenched tightly around his cock with each surge, thrusting wildly into me as I quaked in the throes of my first orgasm. As the over-whelming pleasure faded into warm bliss, he stiffened over me, jerking and shaking, groaning as his swollen cock pumped its hot load deep inside my throbbing ass.

He leaned into me, panting, his hard cock buried deep in my ravaged ass. After a few moments to catch his breath, he pulled free and rolled over onto his back, tugging me in close under his arm. Adrift on a sea of warmth, mind utterly blank, I quickly fell asleep with my head on his chest.

The morning light woke me painfully early, and I pried open bleary eyes, staring up the rich velvet canopy. Utter confusion reigned for a long moment before I recalled the auction, and events of the previous night. Well, at least it's over now. My buyer still lay sleeping, one arm over his eyes to block out the encroaching day, but as I scooted away from him, he grunted and rolled onto his side. Sharp recognition slammed through me as I saw his face in full light for the first time. Miles Sinclair. The programming wizard who had revolutionized the computing world with his innovative search algorithms, forever changing the very nature of the Internet. A reclusive billionaire, he had rarely been seen after losing control of his company in a bitter divorce.

I must have made some sound, as he suddenly awoke, blinking and yawning. Spotting me, he smiled and reached out to tuck a strand of loose hair behind my ear. I just stared at him, still struggling with the realization that I'd been so thoroughly fucked by one of the wealthiest men in the nation. His hand fell away and he frowned at my rudeness, eyes narrowing. Before he could say anything, though, I scrambled off the bed and out of his reach.

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