Owned by the Billionaire

By: Lacy Dae

"You like this, don't you." He murmured, running his fingers even lower, for the first time brushing against the glistening folds of my pussy. I gasped as a surge of pleasure shot through me at that teasing touch. He chuckled, wiping his fingers on my flaming ass, painting it with my nectar. "What a naughty girl you are."

Thinking he had finally finished punishing me, I relaxed, and his last slap surprised a pained squeal from me. I couldn't help turning for a reproachful stare, and he smiled down at me. "You wear my handprints beautifully, darling. And your response is delightful." I flushed at his words, ashamed of my arousal and yet oddly proud of it.

He framed my ass with strong hands, spreading my ass-cheeks wide. I trembled underneath him as he ran his thumb down my cleft, brushing against the tender ring newly exposed. His hand continued tracing downward, spreading the slick folds of my throbbing pussy until I moaned. He probed gently, sliding a finger-tip into my virgin entrance, and I clenched reflexively at the intrusion. He chuckled, flexing his finger until I gasped. "Are you ready for me?" I whimpered as he slid in another finger, stretching my tight pussy painfully. "Actually, I have a better idea."

Pulling his finger free, he slid down my body until I could feel his breath against the hot skin of my ass. I jerked when he kissed one reddened cheek, his slight stubble abrading my sensitized skin. He smoothed a hand over the base of my spine calmingly, and then spread my ass-cheeks once more. I felt totally exposed and vulnerable, my most private areas exposed between the hard hands pinning me in place. Panting, I forced myself to remain still when every nerve screamed to push him away. To my surprise, though, he spoke, his warm breath tickling my ass. "Tell me why you're still a virgin."

I froze for a second, and his hands tightened on my ass, long fingers biting into my tender skin in clear warning. "I-I wanted to wait for marriage." I mumbled into the bed. He laid a kiss on my ass for that bit of honesty. Expecting more questions, I gasped as he instead began to lick and nibble the sensitized skin of my ass. The heat of his mouth on my skin started to knot the strange tension inside me once more as he worked his way down to the puckered ring of my asshole. I wanted to stop him, dismayed at being touched that way, but the surging pleasure that filled me as his firm tongue slid down my cleft kept me silent. He pulled back before reaching it, though, and a strange disappointment filled me as he sat up.

"How romantic. What changed your mind?" His voice was casual, but the tight grip of the hands squeezing my ass told a different story. He really wanted to know. Why does he care? My mind seemed sluggish, thoroughly distracted by the feel of his strong hands on me, and the wicked explorations of his tongue. Words tumbled from my mouth without thought.

"I caught my boyfriend with his room-mate." I tried to be matter-of-fact, but the pain of that discovery colored my voice, and his hands loosened, caressing my bruised flesh. "He was gay. No wonder he didn't... We never..." My voice trailed off. I'd loved him whole-heartedly, had planned to marry him, but he'd used me as a disguise, a shield between his true desires and the world's disapproval. He'd never really wanted me. The cold of that betrayal dissipated the warm cloud of physical pleasure I'd been floating on, and I shivered.

"So why the auction?" My buyer's next question drifted up from below and I almost laughed. Here I was, naked, with a stranger face-down between my legs, and now he wanted to talk. It was surreal. Somehow that made it easier to be honest.

"Money, of course." He slapped my ass in remonstrance to my off-handed tone, and I yelped, and then shrugged. "Well, what did you expect? I finished college but couldn't find work. I'm in graphic design, but nobody wanted my skills, not even free-lance. It seemed like the only value I had was between my legs." I tried to keep the bitterness out, without much success. I'd been on the edge of homelessness, but the real kicker had been when my family called... but he didn't need to know about that.

My brooding thoughts were lost as his hot tongue finally slid over my tender asshole, and I moaned as liquid heat flooded through me again, driving out the cold. "Maybe you should learn some new skills." His voice was muffled as he pressed his face against my ass. My biting rejoinder to this helpful bit of advice was lost as the pointed tip of his tongue gently probed my puckered ring. Wicked pleasure spread through me from that forbidden touch and I squirmed underneath him as he licked and teased my asshole. He gently stretched me with his tongue and then began to tease me with a finger, nudging against that virgin territory.

He shifted to kneel between my legs, one hand on the flat of my back pinning me to the bed. His fingertip slid gradually slid deeper into my ass as he rhythmically penetrated, each thrust sinking a bit further. A strange, stretchy pleasure began to spread through me, knotting in my belly, and I moaned, rocking my hips against his hand as his finger flexed deep inside of me. As the tight ring of my asshole loosened around him, he added a second finger, gently working it into my ass along-side the first.

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