Owned by the Billionaire

By: Lacy Dae

I took a strangled breath and gathered my courage. "Hello?" In the dim light I couldn't see if I was alone or not. There was no response. Maybe he hadn't returned yet? Barely daring to hope, I crossed the room. The bed was empty. A relieved sigh escaped me, and I sat down abruptly as my trembling knees gave out. After another long moment passed in silence, I took a deep breath and laid down, sliding in between the cool sheets. I couldn't bring myself to take off the towel and kept its dubious protection tightly wrapped around me. I was stiff with nerves, lying flat on my back but as more quiet minutes ticked past, I gradually relaxed. It had been a long and stressful day, and the bed was so soft. I sank into it, curling onto my side and cuddling a down pillow close. Darkness rose around me and, despite my lingering fears, my eyes drifted shut.

I woke slowly, sleepily resisting a tug on my towel. Warm fingers were gently coaxing it down my body, but the sheets were chilly, and I grumbled a drowsy complaint, slapping the hands away. Full awareness returned with a rush, though, when the blanket was abruptly thrown back and my towel painfully yanked out from under me, tumbling me onto my back. "Hey!" I shivered as cool air swept around my sleep-flushed limbs and turned to glare at my tormentor. He sat beside me on the bed, legs crossed and bare-chested, his hair charmingly ruffled. I scowled at him, but his serene expression didn't even flicker.

"Now what did I say about resisting me? I believe you've earned yourself another correction, darling." His deep voice was soothing, almost hypnotic, but then his meaning sank in. I hadn't resisted anything but being cold! I opened my mouth to argue the point, but an eager glint in his eye convinced me to bite my tongue instead. He seemed entirely too eager to find reasons to punish me! His eyes drifted downwards, and I blushed, realizing that I was naked in front of a man for the first time. I wrapped my arms around my breasts, suddenly shy. He arched an eyebrow at this attempt at modesty, but thankfully didn't take it as further 'resistance' to his whims. "Roll onto your stomach."

I stared at him for a long moment, considering genuine resistance and he arched that damned eyebrow again. Then I sighed and obeyed his command, turning over to lay face-down on the soft bed, arms at my sides. I told myself that I was just trying to avoid additional punishment, but the truth was that a wicked flicker of curiosity had sprung to life in me. Exactly what sort of punishment did he have in mind? Surely he wouldn't actually hurt me!

Excited and nervous, I closed my eyes and held perfectly still as he moved to straddle my bare legs. His silken boxers slid across my thighs, a warm weight that pinned my upper legs to the bed. My breath rushed out in a sigh as he ran his fingers down my back, lightly brushing my skin, and I shivered as goose-bumps rose in response to that teasing touch. As his warm hands massaged my back, I slowly relaxed under him, enjoying the sensuous caress, a rising tide of warmth filling me. "You are so beautiful, darling. Untouched and innocent..."

I gasped as his finger ran down the cleft of my ass. The foreign sensation made me want to squirm but I forced myself to hold still as he smoothed his hands over my ass, gently squeezing the soft flesh. When his fingers returned to gently probe the soft cleft between my cheeks, the growing warmth inside me twisted, a curious tension starting to build. I tried to ignore the strange feelings and relax, but I yelped when his flat palm smacked hard against my ass.

"Hey!" My ass stung as another heavy slap fell across both cheeks. "Ouch!" I twisted around to glare at him, indignant.

"The more you protest, the more I have to punish you, darling. Surely that's obvious by now?" I sputtered at this bit of condescension and he grinned down at me tauntingly. Even as I glared at him, though, I couldn't help but appreciate the sexy picture he presented. His wide shoulders and his muscled chest glowed warmly in the firelight and the urge to run my hands all over that smooth tanned flesh was nearly undeniable.

Another hard slap on my ass, however, reminded me of my role in this odd game he was playing. With a muffled groan, I forced myself to lie back down on the bed, and he ran a pleased hand down my back. "Hold still for me, darling."

He spanked me slowly at first, clearly relishing each slap he laid on my poor ass. My skin grew hot under his palm, flushed and rosy as each careful blow made me flinch, my hands knotting in the silky sheets. It hurt, but I stayed silent as long as possible, until a sharp strike where in the tender crease where my ass met my leg made me yelp. He ran a soothing hand down my back once more. "I know it hurts, darling. Be as loud as you want."

As he picked up the pace, I soon lost all self-control, twisting and sobbing under his sharp slaps. The reddened skin on my abused ass became incredibly sensitive and the pain of the spanking began to transform into a curious pleasure, sharp-edged and hot. As I squirmed and whimpered, my pussy began to throb in time with his punishing slaps, moist heat pooling between my legs. Sensing the change in my response, he began to alternate spanks with soothing caresses, fingers dipping shallowly between my ass-cheeks and tracing down my thighs.

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