Owned by the Billionaire

By: Lacy Dae

I rose to my feet slowly, shaking at the mention of the bed, the sudden realization that this was really happening. I was going to have to do it. Have sex for the first time. With this demanding stranger. A cold knot grew in my belly at the thought. Despite myself, I made a weak attempt to delay the inevitable. "How can I change clothes with my ankles chained together?" As though that would be a conundrum too difficult for him to solve and he would free me!

He turned at my timid question, and then started to chuckle, the deep sound quivering in my belly. I retreated a step as he walked towards me, the back of my legs brushing the chair. He stepped in close, his firm chest just meeting my breasts, the feathery touch sending an unwilling rush of heat through me. Raising his hand to my face, he touched my cheek, then dragged his thumb lightly across my parted lips. I licked them reflexively, then jerked as he brushed his mouth against mine, the teasing caress a stark contrast to the brutal kiss he'd forced on me earlier. He repeated the motion, dropping coaxing kisses on my trembling mouth. His strong hands ran up my back, warmly rubbing loose the muscles tightened by tension.

After a startled hesitation, I leaned into him, my own hands rising to tentatively grasp his broad shoulders. Each fleeting touch of his lips against mine made me yearn for more solid contact, and he chuckled as I pressed myself against his chest, suddenly craving the feel of his body against mine. The hands cradling my back lifted to wind themselves in my hair, gently tugging as we kissed. He lifted his head and smiled down at me. I smiled back, relieved at this new tenderness. Maybe this won't be so bad...

Without warning, his hand tightened in my hair. A sharp yank backwards knocked me off balance, and I fell into the chair, gasping in shock. As I stared up at him, eyes wide, he leaned on the chair, trapping me between his arms. His grip in my hair tilted my head back, and he slowly dragged a fingernail down the length of my exposed throat, a line of fire searing into my skin. I shuddered and tried to pull free, then froze as his hand loosely closed around my neck.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear. "There are only two rules, darling. Cooperation brings freedom. And resistance," he frowned and tugged on my hair until I winced, "any resistance has consequences."

Releasing my hair with a jerk, he rose to his feet and strode to the hall door. "I'll be back in an hour. Be ready." The door closed behind him as I gasped for air, rubbing my throat and utterly shocked at the sudden changes in his behavior. The urge to escape the moody lunatic rose, but I fought it down. I really needed the money, and besides, I didn't even know where I was! It's just for one night. I can handle this! I hugged myself for a long moment before dragging myself to my feet and walking to the bathroom door. It opened at a touch, and I flicked the light switch.

Gleaming marble spread out before me. The bathroom was huge, with a sunken tub and walk-in shower. Cold and sterile, it was done entirely in icy white. I shivered, and started to undress. Or at least tried to. Sitting on the cold floor, I scowled at the gauzy harem pants, now bunched up and dangling from the chain between my legs. The polyester fabric was tough, and I hadn't been able to tear it free. As my ass slowly froze to the tiles, it finally occurred to me that there might be scissors around somewhere. Waddling awkwardly, I searched the drawers until I found nail-clippers and used them to painstakingly free myself from the stupid costume. I left it in a pathetic heap of cheap emerald fabric on the floor. Great. Now I'm lost and I have no clothes.

After the cold floor, I was grateful for the hot water of the shower. I scrubbed myself, carefully washing all trace of the auction house away. Discovering body wash in my favorite scent cheered me, a happy coincidence. Finally feeling clean, I turned off the water and wrapped myself in a huge soft towel. Methodically, I brushed and dried my hair, the familiar actions soothing my ragged nerves. I took as long as I dared to, and by the time I was ready to leave the bathroom, I felt calm and in control of myself once more.

As my thoughts cleared, the face of my 'owner' kept reappearing. For some reason he seemed familiar. Dark hair and eyes, a proud nose, the faint accent when he spoke... where had I seen him before? There had been no clues to his true identity in the rooms I'd seen. But especially when he smiled, I was sure that I'd seen him before, somewhere. Wracking my mind, I left the bathroom.

The nerves the shower had soothed flared back into jangling life at the sight of the bed. After the bright lights of the bathroom, I could barely make out its bulk in the dark bedroom. Truly massive, it had four thick pillars holding up a heavy velvet canopy. As my eyes adjusted, I saw the flickers of firelight glinting off of satin sheets, and how the lush bedspread was turned down invitingly. It was a bed made for romance, but I'd only be having sex in it, my virginity sold for hard cash to an unscrupulous man. If only I hadn't needed the money so very badly, I'd have run right then, despite being lost and naked. But I didn't.

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