Owned by the Billionaire

By: Lacy Dae

"No?" Awkward under his steady gaze, I climbed to my feet. "Look, whoever you are..." He interrupted me.

"I'm your new owner, darling." He looked over his wine-glass at me, his dark eyes hard. "You've been bought and paid for." I winced at his contemptuous tone, inhaling sharply. How dare he look down at me, he's the pervert who buys virgins at auctions! Before I could unleash the my ire, though, he raised a hand, spreading his long fingers soothingly.

"I'm sure you had your reasons, darling. Spare me the justifications. Just recognize that we're in the midst of a business transaction, and until it's complete, you don't get to make any demands." He stood abruptly, looming over me. "Now sit down." Command rang in his tone.

Scowling, I obeyed, sitting in the other armchair. He was right, damn him, I had agreed to exchange my virginity for money. I had prostituted myself, but what other choice was there? Simmering silence descended as he sank back into his chair. He's a client, sort of, at least try to be professional.

"Wh-" I cleared my throat and tried again. "What do you want from me?"

He smiled at me, and despite myself, I warmed at his approval. "Very good." Setting aside the glass, he rose to his feet once more. He crossed to stand in front of me, then caught the chain between my wrists and yanked me to my feet. Thrown off balance, I stumbled into him, gasping as my breasts were crushed against his hard chest. He caught my chin in his hand, raising my face upwards. Meeting my eyes, he smiled. "I know you're not as innocent as you look." I trembled against him, attracted by the firm heat of his body but repelled by the cold cruelty in his eyes.

Taking advantage of my hesitation, he lowered his mouth to mine. He kissed me hard, roughly, forcing his tongue between my lips. I tried to pull away from his bruising mouth, but he sank his other hand into my hair, holding me against him, helpless to resist. Heat coiled inside me as he plundered my mouth, claiming it for himself. I whimpered when he nipped at my lower lip, the sharp pain curiously adding to the pleasure building inside me.

I gasped as he finally pulled back, a calculating look in his eyes. "I think I'm beginning to understand." Understand what? Confused, I opened my mouth but before I could ask he shoved me down into the chair and lifted the chain connecting my wrists. Pulling a tiny key from his pants pocket, he removed it, leaving the smooth metal bands still circling my wrists. I protested wordlessly. "Cooperation brings freedom, darling, but let's not be too hasty." As I drew my hands in, resentfully rubbing the shackles I still bore, he pooled the chain in his hands, passing it back and forth. "Thank me for this kindness I've shown you."

What? I stared at him, searching his face. He wasn't kidding. His face darkened at my silence and he reached for my wrist. "Th-thank you!" My voice shook in my haste to stop him. He tilted his head, his arched eyebrow a clear invitation to continue, so I tried again. "Thank you for your... kindness." I nearly choked on the words, but I truly did not want the chains again!

"Thank you for your kindness...?" he prompted.

Struggling with my pride, I forced it out. "Thank you for your kindness, sir." He pursed his lips for a long moment, considering, then nodded acceptance of this effort. I ground my teeth in quiet rage.

He knelt on the floor before me. "Now, would you like your ankles freed also?" I nodded mutely, and he shook his head at me. "Use your words, darling."

"Yes, please." I whispered, ashamed to be begging. He arched a brow and I sighed. "Yes, please, sir."

"What will you do to earn that reward?" I shook my head, baffled. What does he want from me?

He sighed, sounding aggravated with my denseness. "Darling, surely you have something you can offer me. Use your imagination." I scowled at him, staying stubbornly silent. I'd do what he asked, that was the deal, but I sure as hell didn't have to offer him anything!

He met my eyes for a tense moment, a faint smile playing on his lush mouth, before sitting back and dropping his hands to his thighs. "Resistance has consequences. Let's leave these chains on for now, shall we?" Pocketing the key and dusting his hands, he rose easily to his feet, as I stared moodily at the length of chain linking my ankles. Was my pride really worth this? Looking down at me, he started to say something, but turned away, pacing quickly back to the other chair.

He snatched up his wineglass and took a deep drink, staring into the fireplace. "I want you out of those ridiculous clothes." I stammered a protest at the insult, reflexively. It's not like I'd picked out the outfit! He ignored me and went on. "There's a bathroom in the next room. Clean yourself up and get in the bed."

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